Digital Transformation: inwi obtains PCI-DSS certification

This certification relates to data security applicable to the payment card industry and consolidates the efforts of inwi to support the digital transformation of Moroccan companies. PCI-DSS certification is based on an assessment carried out with the operator’s “inwi Business” services, provided from its Datacenters. It demonstrates inwi’s ability to ensure optimal security for the data of its professional customers operating in the field of electronic banking and payment by bank card (banks, electronic payment service companies, or even online payment platforms, Sites of e-commerce…). The PCI-DSS certification granted to inwi is therefore based on a relevant risk assessment and the implementation of appropriate control measures to preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of operator information and of its customers. “The certification according to the PCI-DSS standard, which is in addition to the ISO 27001 & TIER III certifications previously obtained, consolidates the efforts of inwi to provide Morocco with advanced infrastructures and technologies. As a supplier of sovereign hosting, cloud and security solutions, it is essential for inwi to obtain this certification to further support our customers in a global security approach ”, declared Ouassim El Arroussi, Director of Studies and Development at inwi. The PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) standard was developed by the PCI-SSC (Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council) consortium which brings together the major brands that publish bank cards. Inwi Datacenters, built according to the most advanced international standards, contribute to inwi’s leadership in Cloud, security and the digital transformation of companies. inwi has several datacenters with a total surface area of ​​4000 m² throughout the country, ie the largest area dedicated to Datacenters in Morocco.