CRI-Invest … The investment pacemaker in the age of Covid

Deployed within the framework of the reform of the Regional Investment Centers (CRI), aimed at endowing these centers with the prerogatives incumbent on them and activating the mechanisms for promoting and stimulating investment, the CRI-Invest platform has been able to consolidate this vocation, by arousing the enthusiasm of investors, particularly with the rise of digital during the crisis linked to Covid-19. With an investment file processing time of 20 days in 2020, compared to 130 days in 2019, CRI-Invest has enabled a marked improvement in the administrative services offered to investors, as evidenced by the latest data unveiled, showing a significant improvement in the indicators for receiving and processing investment files in 2020 compared to the previous year. This platform, which is part of the digitization, dematerialization and simplification of administrative procedures project, aims to improve the support system for investors and the service offer provided by IRCs, said in a statement to MAP, the Director General of the Regional Investment Center (CRI) of Fez-Meknes, Yassine Tazi. He revealed that the implementation of this digital tool has proven to be a lifesaver, especially during the period of the health crisis, since it has made it possible to ensure continuity of service and bring real added value to the process. processing of investment files. Returning to the establishment of this platform through the Digital Factory since December 2019, following the High Orientations of HM King Mohammed VI, and in accordance with Law 47-18 relating to the reform of IRCs and the creation of Unified Regional Commissions Investment (CRUI), Mr. Tazi recalled the many new features of the platform made available to investors, in particular information on administrative procedures and incentives, making appointments with CRI advisers for a personalized support and assistance in assembling files. It is also about the online filing of investment files, the follow-up of files transparently and on time, and providing access to documents and authorizations online, he added, noting that CRI-Invest is an evolving platform and that new functionalities are regularly deployed as part of the operationalization of the CRI digital roadmap, in line with a logic of continuous improvement of their support offer. In addition, the Director General of the CRI of the Fès-Meknes region indicated that the adoption of the measures of Law 47-18 made it possible to unify the decision-making framework for investment projects, to adopt new new standards in terms of operational performance, particularly in terms of quality of assistance and deadlines, and to digitize the investment circuit from end to end, allowing investors to carry out all the procedures and formalities remotely. Thus, more than 700 meetings of Unified Regional Investment Commissions were held in 2020, which made it possible to examine 2,500 investment files submitted through CRI-Invest, he specified. The platform thus quickly established itself as the preferred tool for investors, with 425 investors on average who access their CRI-Invest accounts daily in order to obtain information, carry out the necessary procedures or monitor the progress of their files, he noted. Referring to the platform’s achievements, Mr. Tazi noted that the CRI-Invest deployment was accompanied by a significant improvement in key indicators related to the processing of investment projects, both at national and regional level. After one year of use, the results at the national level show an increase in the number of CRUI meetings held to rule on investment files by 112%, an increase in the amounts of investments for projects having obtained a favorable opinion. in CRUI of 80%, as well as an increase in projected jobs linked to projects having obtained a favorable opinion in CRUI of 40%.