Microsoft Viva, a new platform dedicated to employees

Microsoft Corp. announced on Friday the launch of Microsoft Viva, the first platform designed entirely for employees and integrating numerous tools and functionalities for communication, learning, well-being and discovery. Designed to help employees learn better, develop better and flourish within companies, Viva offers a whole new experience for users that comes on top of that offered by revolutionary collaborative solutions such as Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Teams, Microsoft said in a statement. Thus, the company has designed a completely innovative solution in a fragmented market of 300 billion dollars to bring communication, well-being, learning and discovery tools entirely designed to make the lives of company employees easier, says the same source. “We have designed the largest remote working solutions internationally that have had a huge impact on the employee experience,” said Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, quoted in the release, adding that: ‘” Today, we are more aware that every company has an obligation to provide its employees with a work experience that is better unified and more optimized. Whether in terms of integration, collaboration or learning, Viva brings together everything an employee needs to be successful ”. Microsoft’s launch of this solution comes at a time when economic and social trends are undergoing both profound and lasting changes. Today, the work environment is evolving from a fully distributed environment, to a more digital and collaborative environment. In this context, companies are increasingly on the lookout for solutions that allow them to support their culture, but also to strengthen the learning and well-being of their employees in the workplace. Analysts estimate the emerging category of Employee Experience Platforms (EXP) at $ 300 billion per year. The market today is too fragmented since it is split into a plethora of services, infrastructures and tools, which are still too little known or underused by company employees, the same source points out. “At a time when the world of work is undergoing profound changes, values ​​such as innovation, creativity, commitment and well-being today take on their full meaning since they allow companies to create cultures of resilience and ingenuity, ”said Jared Spataro, vice president of Microsoft 365.“ Our goal is to provide businesses with a platform that can help their employees be more engaged and their leaders to be more inspiring, ”he added. Microsoft Viva leverages Teams and Microsoft 365 to unify the employee experience around four key areas: engagement, well-being, learning, and knowledge. Viva thus offers an integrated experience that allows people to give the best of themselves. Today, Microsoft has been keen to equip Viva with practical and useful modules that allow customers to easily integrate their own systems and tools and share them with other employees. A solid and growing ecosystem of partners Viva is already gradually being put in place. Among the modules and functions that allow the Viva platform to benefit from increased scalability is Viva Connections which provides a personalized gateway to the digital workplace, allowing employees to access internal company communications, the all from a customizable app built into Microsoft Teams. Viva Connections will be available as a public preview during the first half of 2021. A mobile version will also be available during this year. It’s also about Viva Insights which gives people, managers and leaders access to a personalized and actionable database that helps members of the business to thrive better. This function allows to share different personal experiences and ideas. It helps employees to use their time better, but also to better focus on their work, while strengthening their relationships with their colleagues. Managers and leaders can in fact gain insight into the various trends that can plague teams and businesses, but also provide recommendations that help to better balance productivity and well-being. Information is grouped and de-identified by default in order to preserve privacy. Additionally, a new dashboard lets companies combine employee feedback on LinkedIn’s Glint with collaboration data from Viva Insights. This way, leaders can more accurately identify areas where teams might be struggling. They can further proactively adjust different work standards and quantify the impact of changes that have been made over time. In addition to being able to use data from other Microsoft applications, customers can also integrate data from third-party services such as Zoom, Slack, Workday, and SAP SuccessFactors. The Viva Insights app in Teams and the new Glint and Viva Insights dashboard are available for public preview. As for Viva Learning, it makes the possibilities for training and professional development much more extensive. This feature brings together all the learning resources available to a business, including content from LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn, but also third-party vendors such as Skillsoft, Coursera, Pluralsight and edX, in addition to the content database specific to the company. Users can discover, share, assign and even take a wide variety of training and learning modules throughout their working day. The Viva Learning app is now available in preview. From the end of the year, Viva Learning will be integrated with the main learning management platforms, including Cornerstone OnDemand, Saba and SAP SuccessFactors. For its part, Viva Topics allows employees to connect to information shared by experts within a company. Using AI to process customer’s Microsoft 365 data, and offering the ability to integrate knowledge from a variety of third-party services such as ServiceNow and Salesforce, Viva Topics automatically delivers topic sheets within conversations and documents shared on Microsoft 365 and Teams. A simple click on the thematic page will systematically give access to documents, conversations, or even videos shared by related people. “Microsoft Viva is a revolutionary platform that paves the way for a new category of enterprise software that is fully focused on the day-to-day needs of employees,” said Josh Bersin, research analyst and expert in experience management technologies of employees, quoted in the press release, noting that “Viva allows companies to integrate their fragmented work tools and unify them.” A global network of service partners, including Accenture, Avanade, PwC and EY, provide ongoing advisory and consultancy services to help clients better optimize their actions. Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) is committed to supporting digital transformation and building a smart cloud. Its mission is to empower every individual and every business on the planet to do more.