Electricity: New vision for ONEE's center of expertise

Mr. Aziz RABBAH, Minister of Energy, Mines and Environment, paid a visit on Wednesday February 10, 2021, to the Center for Sciences and Techniques of Electricity (CSTE) of ONEE in Casablanca. During this meeting, Mr. EL HAFIDI, Director General of ONEE presented to the Minister the new vision of ONEE to reposition this institution as a Center of Expertise at the national and regional level and presented the major transformations that will mark the development of the Center, in particular digitization, smart grids and the training network dedicated to the electricity distribution professions as well as the 225/60 KVA School Post dedicated to the training and expertise of electricity transmission trades. RABBAH and Mr. EL HAFIDI also attended a training session provided remotely via the internet due to the measures imposed by the Covid19 pandemic. This requires the use of new digital tools and the adaptation of training modules in order to ensure continuity in the skills development process for the benefit of both Office officials and national and international external clients. Then, the Minister visited workshops dedicated to practical training in the fields of the electrical network and followed a test session of the newly carried out training network as well as a demonstration of the project of the use of drones for the optimization of electrical network anomalies diagnostic operations. This project was developed in collaboration with the Foundation for Research, Development and Innovation in Sciences and Engineering (FRDISI). At the end of this meeting, the Minister recalled the importance given by the Moroccan government to vocational training and the development of human capital as well as the need to accelerate current projects within the framework of a global strategy. integrated. It should be remembered that ONEE is strongly committed to training and skills development. Improving the productivity and skills of human resources, in particular through targeted training programs, designed to raise the level of skills and promote the preparation of the next generation, especially in basic professions, is one of the essential levers for improving its productivity. Through the CSTE, classified as a Center of Excellence in all sectors of the electricity sector within the African Network of Centers of Excellence in Electricity, ONEE also provides training for the staff of national partners (manufacturers, professional federations, etc. ) and international mainly to the African continent.