The vaccine is not compulsory but essential to travel elsewhere

If the vaccination campaign is still being developed, some information is filtering out on the mandatory aspect, the QR code and the Covid-19 passport. By Hayat Kamal Idrissi Khalid Ait Taleb has just announced some novelties in relation to the vaccination campaign. In an interview with Channel 2, the Minister of Health said that the vaccine will be neither compulsory nor free. “But reimbursable however by health insurance”, he specifies. Ait Taleb has also affirmed that his department is working in coordination with the Ministry of the Interior “on the legal, logistical and scientific aspect of this national vaccination campaign”. Regarding the official date of the launch of the vaccination campaign, the minister refrained from revealing it, denying all the information circulating about possible arrivals of vaccines. “Anything new in this regard will be officially announced via a press release from the Ministry in which all the details will be given on this subject,” explains Ait Taleb. Covid-19 passport If, as the minister says, the vaccine is by no means compulsory, it will however be necessary for people wishing to travel outside the country. “The vaccines chosen by Morocco are recognized by the World Health Organization and are part of the Covax program. The vaccine from which the citizen will benefit will enable him to subsequently travel all over the world, ”explains the Minister. Note that the procedure consisting in establishing a QR code or an immunological passport has been proposed by certain countries wishing to protect their populations. A proposal made by Australia and China at the G20 to establish a global system around the QR code and the health status of travelers. Ait Taleb also pointed out that downstream preparations involve the establishment of a unique QR code for each Moroccan vaccinated. This by counting on the strong involvement of the populations for the success of the most important vaccination campaign in the history of the country. Recall that the authorities are counting on the immunization of 60% of the population, hoping to reach 80%. “Condition sine qua non to achieve collective immunity”, argues the Minister of Health, while insisting on the post-vaccination monitoring of beneficiaries.