Electricity: New measures for the modernization of the UAE

The measures undertaken for the modernization of the Arab Electricity Union (UAE) were approved during the 15th meeting of the Union, held under the chairmanship of the Director General of the National Office of Electricity and the ‘Drinking Water (ONEE), Abderrahim El Hafidi. These measures are in line with the restructuring action plan that the Office has proposed, since its Director General was appointed to the Presidency of the UAE in December 2018, said ONEE in a press release, know that Mr. El Hafidi chaired on February 16 and 17 the 54th session of the Board of Directors and the 15th meeting of the Union, in which the directors general of the Arab electricity companies, members of the UAE, participated. And to recall that a new sheet has been drawn up and the objective of which is to have a common vision of the Arab electricity market and allow the UAE to strengthen its role and mark its existence in the global electricity sector. ‘energy. This new roadmap focuses on strengthening the energy security and reliability of Arab power systems, integrating renewable energies and increasing their share in the power mix, improving the efficiency of the power system. Arab integrated and the development of power interconnection to rationalize investment and operating expenses, the statement said. One of the major actions concerns the appointment of a new Secretary General, whose mission will be to continue carrying out the action plan drawn up for the modernization of the structures and mechanisms and the organization of the Union, in order to support the profound changes in the electricity sector at the global, regional and national levels. At the last meeting held in January 2020 in Tangier, a complementary action plan was approved to establish the new development model of the UAE, said the same source, adding that the Council had also approved the new statute of the UAE. union, modification of internal regulations, organizational restructuring as well as the job description of the Secretary General, experts and employees. During the Board of Directors meeting, the members took note of the progress of the implementation of the complementary action plan, in particular the development of the strategic plan, the overhaul of the membership system or again the new visual identity of the Union. The members also approved the financial statement for 2020 and the provisional budget for 2021, underlines the same source, who notes that thanks to the achievements made under the presidency of Morocco, the Arab Electricity Union has succeeded in achieving its objectives, to strengthen its role and mark its presence in the global energy sector in the image of renowned international organizations. Founded in 1987, the UAE has among its members the majority of electricity companies in Arab countries. Based in Amman, Jordan, the UAE’s main mission is to strengthen and develop the electricity sector in the areas of generation, transmission and distribution. The UAE also coordinates the centers of interest of the member countries and plays a role of facilitator of exchanges and cooperation actions between them. The Union has 19 member countries namely, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Palestine, Qatar, Sudan, Sultanate of Oman, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen. The work of the UAE is carried out by 6 commissions responsible for planning, coordinating the operation of Arab interconnections, renewable energies, engineering and production, human resources and distribution.