Huawei announces opening of mining innovation lab in Taiyuan

At a press conference after the opening ceremony of the Smart Mining Innovation Lab in Taiyuan, capital of Shanxi Province, Mr. Ren Zhengfei – Founder and CEO of Huawei – presented the new solution. provided by the Group to increase the efficiency of the coal industry and above all, adapt it to the green and sustainable economy of tomorrow. In recent years, Huawei’s communication networks have focused primarily on connecting homes and people. In the era of 5G, the Group’s objective is also to connect businesses. In collaboration with industries that have no direct connection to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), such as ports, iron and steel producers or aeronautics, Huawei has built common laboratories in order to learn from these fields while providing them with its know-how. Some of these partnerships have already proven successful: Shenzhen Airport, Dubai International Airport, and German auto factories that use 5G services. Huawei has thereby won the trust of a large number of customers, and thanks to this strategy it intends to go beyond the strict telecommunications sector. Taiyuan’s smart mining innovation lab will be primarily used to support operations in several thousand coal mines, and other types of mines, providing 5G solutions as well as innovations that prioritize lower energy consumption and production. more responsible. The laboratory currently has 220 experts, including 53 from Huawei, specializing in electronic technology, but also 150 experts in coal mining from Shanxi who have in-depth knowledge of this industry. “We are proud to have established this common laboratory and adopted a co-leadership mechanism to ensure that trade benefits both parties. In times of a global pandemic, our role is to help the coal industry increase its activities to make work more efficient and environmentally friendly, ”said Mr. Ren Zhengfei – Founder and Chairman and CEO of Huawei. As humanity progresses, no single company can develop globalized industries on its own, and Huawei will continue to make concerted efforts with partners around the world for global digitalization. “We have confidence in the future,” concluded Mr. Ren Zhengfei – Founder and Chairman and CEO of Huawei.