Regional planning: 12 target contracts signed as part of a sector recovery plan

A total of 12 regional objective contracts were signed on Tuesday in Rabat, during a ceremony chaired by the Minister of National Land Use Planning, Town Planning, Housing and Urban Policy, Nouzha Bouchareb, with the regional departments of the ministry in order to support and closely monitor the implementation of its recovery plan for the year 2021. Signed during a meeting on the implementation of plans for action by the ministry and its regional departments, these contract-objectives, based on a participatory approach, are part of the implementation of the structuring project of advanced regionalization and decentralization for a territorialized economic recovery allowing ” achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular Goal 11 for a sustainable, integrated, inclusive and attractive development model. The regional contract-objective is also intended to be a contractual tool which will allow the ministry to support and closely monitor the implementation of its action plan in the field of Land Use Planning, Town Planning and Housing. and city politics. These target contracts set out the commitments of the regional and local departments of the ministry to implement at the level of each region its 2021 recovery plan and determine the monitoring and evaluation measures of the programs agreed over the period of one year. These agreements were signed by Ms. Bouchareb, on the one hand, and the regional inspectors of land use planning, town planning and architecture, the directors of urban agencies as well as the regional, provincial and prefectural directors of Housing and City Policy, in the presence of the heads of the various central services. The meeting was also marked by the launch of the project of the national geoportal of urban planning documents approved in cooperation with 29 urban agencies of the Kingdom (, which constitutes a cartographic and digital platform at the same time. to support the efforts made in the field of the authentication of town-planning documents and the supply of town-planning data together with the geographical coordinates required to support investment and territorial development. This online portal will allow the electronic publication of 690 urban planning documents approved in their first version and continuously enriched, on the basis of digital services provided by urban agencies while ensuring the digital inclusion of approved urban planning documents. This meeting was also an opportunity to sign two new social conventions in order to improve the living conditions of civil servants and their families, to ensure the stability of the social climate and the maintenance of social cohesion in the framework for the implementation of the High Royal Guidelines aiming to pay particular attention to human capital by strengthening the values ​​of solidarity, support and the spirit of belonging. The first agreement, dealing with the housing file for civil servants, agents and employees of sub-supervisory bodies, was signed with the Al Omrane Group. It concerns the construction of 200 housing units in Témara, within the Al Wifaq subdivision, dedicated to officials at the Central level, regional components of Rabat-Salé-Kénitra as well as officials from the Skhirate-Témara Prefecture and the Province of Témara, with the objective of making affordable products available to this targeted category at preferential prices. As for the second agreement, it was also signed with the Al Omrane Group and concerns the construction of the Club of officials of the said ministry. This project covers a total area of ​​5 hectares in the new town of Tamesna. In particular, it will house the administration of the club, a nursing room, restaurants, a training center, a reception and an accommodation center, an indoor swimming pool, a children’s club, a sports complex including an indoor swimming pool and sports halls, a multipurpose hall (conferences and parties) as well as sports grounds.