MWC Shanghai 2021: Huawei relies on cutting-edge innovation for businesses

At the opening ceremony of the Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2021, Huawei Vice President Ken Hu spoke about the crucial role technology is playing in the fight against the pandemic. Ken Hu said, “Technology is about creating the light of tomorrow. Once we get the pandemic under control, we will need to seriously think about how we can innovate to improve quality of life, make businesses smarter, and create a more inclusive world. “. He explained that while the inequality of access to digital technologies and skills has widened the digital divide, the pandemic has significantly worsened the situation. The health crisis has created many new requirements for digital infrastructure. Over the past year, Huawei has worked closely with carriers to ensure the stability of the operations of more than 300 networks in 170 countries. In addition, the group used new digital broadcasting technology in Indonesia to rapidly deploy more than 50,000 base stations in the country. During his speech, Hu also unveiled Huawei’s Cyberverse app, an augmented reality (AR) app that shows how 5G networks and devices as well as AR technology can converge to create a more immersive virtual experience. . The new app seamlessly integrates virtual and physical realities with high-precision, centimeter-accurate positioning capabilities, massive computing power, and high-bandwidth transmission via 5G. According to Huawei, Cyberverse is expected to create many new growth opportunities across multiple industries, including education, entertainment, tourism, transportation and shipping. In recent years, technologies like 5G network, cloud, and AI have played an important role in manufacturing, accelerating the transition to smarter, more flexible operations. According to Huawei forecasts, 97% of large companies will use AI by 2025. Other estimates for 2025 indicate that 55% of all Chinese GDP will be driven by the digital economy and 60% of revenues global operators will come from industry customers. Huawei is also working closely with its customers and partners to promote innovation around the 5G network. The group has signed more than 1,000 contracts for 5G industrial applications in more than 20 sectors. The company is currently working with partners in its ecosystem to develop devices to meet the specific needs of the industry. Through joint innovation and strategic partnerships with its customers, Huawei aims to drive the expansion of 5G applications for organizations from 1 to N. Through a partnership with Ghanaian operators on a rural network infrastructure project, Huawei currently plans to deploy more than 2,000 RuralStar base stations in remote areas of the country. This measure will increase mobile coverage in Ghana from 83% to 95% and bring previously unconnected communities online for the first time.