Jack Lang: Morocco sets an example under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI

By promoting culture, including during the Covid-19 pandemic, and by proving to the whole world that we can reconcile culture and health / health and culture, Morocco, under the leadership of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI, sets an example, said the President of the Arab World Institute (IMA), Jack Lang. “I am happy that Morocco has taken the decision to maintain the link with culture during the pandemic. It is a model for other countries. I believe that this initiative is excellent and deserves to be followed”, underlined Mr. Lang in an interview with MAP. In this regard, the President of the IMA made a point of paying tribute to HM King Mohammed VI, “a man always very attentive to the development of cultural and intellectual life”. “I have seen videos and photographs which show that in Morocco, there is a real enthusiasm of citizens of all ages to discover the works of museums and at the same time a real respect for sanitary rules. So the demonstration is clearly made by the National Foundation of Museums of Morocco (FNMM), that we can now open the museums while respecting the requirements established by the health authorities “, underlined Mr. Lang who wished to express his congratulations to the Moroccan authorities. “The Moroccan example is quite remarkable” and the decision to maintain a cultural life in Morocco is “a happy decision” which must be applauded and deserves to be followed by other countries. “May France be inspired by the Moroccan model for access to culture during the Covid pandemic”, pleaded the President of the IMA. He said, in this context, that he was “so touched and enthusiastic” by the initiatives of Morocco to the point of making them known in France. “I wrote to the Minister of Culture and other French authorities to give them the example of Morocco, telling them to follow the example of the Kingdom which is quite remarkable and which shows that we can reconcile culture and health / health and culture “, assured the President of the IMA. Regarding the current cultural effervescence in Morocco (opening of museums in particular the Villa Haris museum in Tangier, the music museum in Meknes, start of construction work on the Judaism museum in Fez, etc.), the president of the IMA affirmed that “once again, Morocco shows that it is an exceptional country”. “Morocco is certainly today the country in the Mediterranean, Africa and the Arab world that is the most open to culture, the most creative. It is really impressive and pleasing”, welcomed Mr. Lang, who wanted to underline “another originality of Moroccan cultural policy which is to highlight all the cultural and spiritual heritages of the country”. “It is moreover a tradition which had been established for a long time in Morocco and which His Majesty King Mohammed VI fully recognized or had recognized by the Moroccan Constitution. It is a rather unique situation, in the world, of a country which claims the diversity of its influential cultural and intellectual “, he noted. And to underline that “there again, he fights a lot in France so that the Moroccan example inspires the policy of his country”. Moreover, Jack Lang will soon publish a book whose release is scheduled for March / April 2021, on the cultural revolution of the 80s in France. “This book ends with a praise of interbreeding and I cite in particular the example of the preamble to the Moroccan constitution as a model of a philosophy of openness, tolerance and respect,” he said. With regard to the museum policy currently in Morocco, in particular with the Museum Label Law currently being examined in Parliament and which aspires to regulate the name “Museum” which must comply with precise global standards, ” a first in Africa and in the Arab world ”, the former French Minister of Culture hailed“ a very good decision ”. “It is important both to encourage the efflorescence of private, public, associative or other initiatives and at the same time, it is a good thing that an authority recognized by the State, in this case the FNMM, can assign a label, I think it is necessary “, he considered. “If I compare with what is being undertaken in France, there are also categories instituted by the State under the name of museums of France which are placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and suddenly, a certain number of scientific requirements must be met, ”Lang continued. According to him, a Museum label is “a good thing”. “It is not a question of undermining the freedom of initiative of one and the other, but of introducing a little clarity, also of ensuring compliance with scientific requirements which today are moreover recognized in through international museum organizations, ”he said. In this interview with the MAP, the President of the IMA also reviewed Morocco’s management of the Covid-19 crisis and the vaccination campaign which has just started. “Once again, Morocco is an exemplary country. The initiatives taken by the Moroccan authorities over the past year have aroused admiration and respect. At a time when in France, for example, we were running out of masks, Morocco was making a lot of them. and invited the inhabitants to wear them, and even Morocco succeeded in exporting them. It is really a remarkable success “, welcomed Mr. Lang. He was also delighted that “the vaccination campaign is started today and launched at the highest level of the country”. “It is a very good thing that the highest authority of the State sets an example. I also understand that the Moroccan authorities will facilitate the general vaccination of the whole country including that of the residents. This is a a gesture that is both intelligent and generous, ”he stressed.