Kingdom of Morocco A vertical horizon

It is a cultural duty which animates this essay, to look at the earth under one’s feet is a search for identity in one of its most primary aspects. The man that I am was born in North Africa to parents from these same mountains, which have risen like giants in most invasions. In a country known in ancient Greece for its golden apples from the legendary garden of the Hesperides, apples picked by Hera wife of Zeus, as a wedding gift. These lands which have animated myths and legends in the past are also known to have been lands of Hercules and the very end of the earth, where the sun disappears in the depths of the ocean. These lands protected by the Atlas chains, have always been inhabited by free men and women. Have one of the richest stories on the African continent. Small reminder, the most dated human bones were recently unearthed from this same land of Morocco at more than 300,000 years of age, and therefore the origins of man are not from Ethiopia as claimed by previous paleontological discoveries. The history of Morocco does not go without the history of these Berber tribes who crossed its paths and their way in the history of this country, because it is clear that a house lives only in the memories of its builders and its residents. And that a country is a country only through its patriots who defend it from generation to generation. Morocco’s geographical position has for ages made it a crossroads of cultures and cults by extrapolating a little into a mobile spatio-temporal dimension. We notice how beautiful this story of Morocco is. Pirates who ended up in Voltaire’s pen in Candide for their not very Catholic hospitality. Jewish and polytheist Berber tribes who embraced the Muslim faith and pledged allegiance to a refugee from Arabia. The communion of Berber culture with Arab culture. Control of the Strait of Gibraltar by the pirate fleets of Salé and its maritime influence throughout the Mediterranean bay. The long Andalusian epic with its victories and defeats, which obviously forged the future of the Iberian Peninsula of the Old Continent. The chain of Arab-Muslim dynasties and their heroic journey and so on. All this only reflects the immense diversity and the strength that this symbiosis of cultures and cults confers which have always cohabited in these regions. A very old maturity in understanding and accepting the other without judgment. The coexistence of the Jewish and Christian faiths under the benevolence of the Muslim faith over more than 1000 years without a holy war, something rare at the time and even today. Today Morocco is an example of tolerance and exchange of cultures. In the service of the common good and diversity. The Moroccan by nature is tolerant and pacifist, intelligent and artist. In the right environment, it can perform feats, recognized around the world thanks to its ability to adapt and integrate in all sectors of activity. It spreads the values ​​of its origin in the countries of the world. Powerful mediator in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Morocco makes the voice of reason heard, the sacredness of peace prevails in its contribution to the resolution of this conflict. Protecting the weak and oppressed, standing as a wall against tyranny. Morocco is a globally recognized example for the quest for peace, its wisdom and the insight of its positions. Like a frigate on the waves, Morocco crisscrosses the waves of time. Driven by the winds of progress, the sails drawn by the strength of his people. Its benevolent King handles the rudder with dexterity and poise. There is no doubt about maintaining the course towards the rise, the avant-garde and the rise of the ranks of the countries in all aspects. Whether in terms of safety, security and armament, infrastructure, economic development, sports, ecological energy alternatives as well as so many sectors vital to maintaining the cruising speed of global development. Morocco’s natural resources are as rich as its human resources. From the Rif to the Sahara, the range is as diverse as it is precious. The most abundant fossil energy remains the pride of the Moroccan people, beyond phosphate or oil. The flame of Morocco shines brighter than all the oil platforms gathered in the hearts of its citizens.