US recognition of the Moroccan character of the Sahara, a major turning point for stability in the region

The American decision recognizing the full and entire sovereignty of Morocco over its Sahara marked a major turning point that augurs better prospects in terms of consolidation of peace, stability, investment and economic integration throughout the region. , noted eminent Italian political scientists, academics and journalists. In articles published in the Esteri edition of the Italian magazine Formiche for the month of February, these Italian experts deliver their analyzes and insights on the far reaching and positive consequences of the American decision as a highly important act on the way. the settlement of the regional dispute around the Sahara, highlighting the support of the United States for the autonomy initiative proposed by Morocco as the only basis for a final solution to this issue. In this edition devoted to Morocco, these experts also addressed the central role of the Kingdom in the peace process in the Middle East, its commitment to the fight against terrorism and its leadership in the promotion of inter-religious dialogue. Journalist Massimiliano Boccolini wrote in this sense that “the conflict around the Sahara is about to end” after the American decision and the support expressed by the United States for the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco and considered as the the only credible and feasible basis for putting an end to this regional dispute. “The blocking of the El Guerguarat crossing last November, decided by the Polisario front to interrupt commercial traffic between Morocco and Mauritania, triggered a counterproductive mechanism for the separatist group based in Tindouf, Algeria,” a underlined the journalist, noting that “the epilogue of what is considered as a headlong rush by this group in the Sahara crisis was the visit of the Assistant Secretary of State of the United States, in charge of the questions of the Middle East and North Africa, David Schenker, in Laâyoune and Dakhla with the inauguration of an American consulate in this city on January 10, 2021 “. The journalist highlighted the climate of stability in the southern provinces of the Kingdom with the opening of about twenty consulates from different countries of the world, including that of the United States, and American investments of several billion dollars expected. In the region. He noted, however, “the growing terrorist risk” posed by the Polisario militias in the Sahelo-Saharan region and their connection with drug traffickers and organized crime groups. For his part, the former Italian deputy, Khalid Chaouki observes that “the Sahara region is today the area of ​​greatest interest for international investors because it is a gateway to the African continent”, stressing that “Morocco has long devoted enormous resources to the development of the region, as evidenced by the projects and investments provided for in the 2016-2021 development plan for the southern provinces”. The recent trilateral agreement between Morocco, the United States and Israel and the recognition by the United States of Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara, has undoubtedly opened up new prospects for the region’s economic recovery, for the promotion of foreign investments and consolidation of the Kingdom’s status as a stable interlocutor, friend and strategic ally on sensitive issues such as security in the Sahelian zone and positive mediator in the ongoing crises in Libya and the Middle East, a- the chained. Under the title, “Morocco, an example of moderation”, the Italian university professor, Paolo Branca said, for his part, that Morocco represents “an example of moderation and respect for minorities”, recalling the signing in January 2016 , a Declaration in Marrakech on the rights of religious minorities in the Islamic world, and the visit to the Kingdom of Pope Francis. “In the vast galaxy of the Muslim world, largely shaken by fundamentalism, there is a country that shines through its moderation and respect for the minorities who live there,” he recalled with reference to Morocco. journalist from the Gedi group, Karima Moual, she called on Italy to follow the American example in its relations with the Kingdom, highlighting the great progress made in Morocco, thanks to “clear-sighted and precise choices which position the Kingdom both as an exception of stability in the region and among the countries which have succeeded in developing a very dynamic market and economy. ”She cited the example of flagship projects carried out in Morocco, such as the Africa’s largest port in Tangier, the gigantic Noor solar power plant in Ouarzazate, and the favorable climate of economic competitiveness in the Kingdom, noting that Morocco “is strengthening its fundamental pillars on a serious and solid basis.” The journalist recalled, furthermore, the key position ire and without ambiguity of the United States on the question of the Moroccan Sahara, noting that this dispute is maintained and exploited by Algeria to “strategically limit the growth of Morocco in its favor. But time is always the bearer of truth, and already today we can have an account of the politics of Algiers, which holds a treasure of gas under its soil, but which, instead of positioning itself among the powers richest world, today ranks painfully among the most unstable countries and with serious economic problems. ”For their part, the journalist and expert on the Islamic world, Carlo Panella, the journalist and writer, Francesco De Palo, former Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and President of the World Committee for the Rule of Law “Marco Pannella”, Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata, focused on the new geopolitical stakes and the challenges linked to peace in the Middle region East, emphasizing Morocco’s role in world diplomacy, on the Mediterranean chessboard, in Africa, and in the Middle East peace process in the wake of the Morocco-USA-Israel trilateral agreement. In his contribution published by the magazine , the Moroccan ambassador to Italy, Youssef Balla, noted, for his part, that “the announcement by the United States of an investment of 5 billion dollars, and of the opening of an economic consulate in the Moroccan Sahara region, confirm Morocco’s position as a platform towards African depth “. The American decision to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara will have a strong positive impact at the regional level, insofar as it will accelerate the political process of the United Nations for the search for a political solution to the artificial regional dispute over Moroccan sovereignty over his Sahara, created and supported by Algeria, he noted, adding that “this solution can only be based on the Moroccan autonomy initiative within the framework of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Kingdom”. “In addition to the economic impact, this African dimension of the Moroccan-American strategic partnership will help strengthen the regional stability-security interconnection which will occupy a central place, for the benefit of the current exemplary cooperation between the two partners in this specific field and of their mutual engagement in the fight against terrorism, radicalization and all types of illicit trafficking, ”he stressed. As for the resumption of relations between Morocco and Israel, the Kingdom has always been a land of peace, dialogue and coexistence between different religions, he said, adding that this resumption will help promote peace and stability. in the Middle East region by relaunching the peace process between Palestinians and Israelis with the two-state solution by bringing peace to other countries in the region.