Organic Law on Political Parties: Increasing Public Support Main Amendment

The increase in public support is the main amendment to the organic law on political parties, Interior Minister Abdelouafi Laftit said in Rabat on Tuesday. Presenting the organic bills relating to the electoral system before the Committee for the Interior, Local Authorities, Housing and City Policy to the House of Representatives, Mr. Laftit noted that the main amendment provided for the draft organic law n ° 07.21 amending and supplementing the organic law n ° 29.11 relating to political parties, consists in putting in place the legislative foundations for the execution of the High Royal Guidelines on the subject of the increase of the public support granted to the parties policies. This bill aims to support and encourage political parties to renew their working methods, enhance their performance and improve the quality of legislation and public policies, said the government official, adding that the parties will be called upon to allocate part of this support for the skills they mobilize for missions of reflection, analysis and innovation. The Minister noted that in parallel with the increase in public support granted to political parties and to ensure the latter a minimum effective presence at the national level, this subsidy is dependent on the obligation to cover, on the one hand, at least one third of the number of local constituencies relating to the election of members of the House of Representatives, provided that these constituencies are spread over at least three quarters of the regions of the Kingdom and, on the other hand, at least half of the number of regional constituencies for the election of the members of the Chamber. In addition, in order to allow political parties to improve and develop their financial resources, the organic bill proposes to increase the amount of donations, bequests and liberalities in cash or in kind authorized from 300,000 DH to 500,000 DH per year. and by donor, as well as the integration of operating income from property belonging to the political party into its financial resources. Also, the organic bill authorizes political parties to set up communication companies and digital activities, provided that they hold all of their capital, said Mr. Laftit. The government official stressed that this organic bill provides for making it easier for political parties to manage their annual accounts, as well as the justification of their expenditure with the documents and supporting documents provided for in the laws in force, noting that this measure comes into effect. response to the grievances of political parties to overcome the constraints they face when presenting their accounts to the Court of Auditors. (With MAP)