MWC Shanghai 2021: Huawei engaged in innovation to create a sustainable world

Representatives from several countries gathered at the Connected for Shared Prosperity forum organized by Huawei and the GSMA in particular as part of the preparations for MWC Shanghai 2021. All speakers agreed that the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN are now the priority for all digital players. Together, they agreed on the fact that digital players must now cooperate to fully unleash the power of technology and promote this so essential sustainable development. Huawei Vice President and Board Director Catherine Chen gave a speech in which she encouraged companies to increase their use of technology in order to create more value for the whole world. “Huawei has always supported technological progress. We believe that technology benefits humanity. We also believe that digital technology will help UN member countries achieve their sustainable development goals. Huawei has already explored many applications of digital technology inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals. »She underlined. Beyond the purely technological application of 5G, Huawei has long been an advocate for social progress, especially in the areas of the environment and education. In 2020, the Group recycled more than 4,500 tonnes of electronic waste through multiple initiatives, and led to a reduction of 148 million tonnes of CO2 emissions through the deployment of its FusionSolar solution in more than 60 countries, contributing thus significantly to local efforts to protect the environment. Africa is a good example of the social value provided in terms of education. Across the continent, Huawei and UNESCO launched the Open Schools program as part of a three-year partnership to help schools in Egypt, Ethiopia and Ghana improve their digital skills through online education. Additionally, by the end of 2020, Huawei’s TECH4ALL Connecting Schools and DigiTruck programs had rolled out in more than 200 schools around the world, benefiting over 60,000 teachers and students. “All these small steps that contribute to the realization of a great project would not have been possible without digital technology. “Concluded Catherine Chen Siddharth Chatterjee, United Nations coordinator in China, summed up the ideas that dominated this conference:” Global challenges require a global response. There is a need to rethink the way businesses invest and operate. We must promote technology for social good, ”a goal Huawei wholeheartedly shares.