Emirates offers Economy Class passengers more space and privacy with new option to purchase adjacent empty seats

Emirates Airline offers its Economy Class passengers the option of reserving up to three free neighboring seats for their journey, in order to enjoy more personal space and privacy on board. These seats will be offered by the company to all Economy Class customers with a confirmed reservation. Additionally, customers will not be able to pre-book empty seats, as these are subject to availability and will only be offered for purchase at the airport check-in desk prior to flight departure. Fares vary from 55 to 165 dollars per empty seat, excluding applicable taxes depending on the route concerned. Emirates is launching this new service after studying customer feedback, to meet the needs of customers looking for more privacy and space, while traveling in Economy class. These include couples who wish to have the whole row to themselves (a maximum of three seats in the same row), parents who are traveling with small children in their arms, or those who simply wish to have more space. in-flight space during a pandemic. In addition to the new free seating option, Emirates Airlines currently offers several types of seats for Economy class customers so that they can choose their preferred seat according to their needs on board: Seats providing additional space for the legs: the seats located in the exit rows, offering more space but subject to safety requirements; Twin seats: seats in a row of two in the rear of Boeing 777s, and on the upper deck of two-class Airbus A380s; Privileged seats: at the front of the cabin and on the upper floor of Airbus A380s; Normal seats: all other seats in Economy class. These seats, available through Emirates.com/ma, Emirates call centers, at airport check-in, onboard and through partner travel agents, are offered free of charge or subject to a pricing, depending on customers’ Emirates Skywards status, fare type, departure time and other special needs. Emirates also offers generous discounts on excess baggage fares, to help customers customers taking essential trips and wanting to bring home what they need most. These reductions vary from 35 to 60% of normal fares depending on the sector and must be reserved and paid in advance up to 4 hours before flight departure.