Ewane Assets launches the construction of a high environmental performance office complex at Casanearshore Parc

The company Ewane Assets, a subsidiary of MEDZ, is launching the development of a new plot (O) within Casanearshore Parc. This project includes 4 buildings with a total leasable area of ​​36,000 m², benefiting from an entirely new design in Morocco. This has the particularity of being part of an ambitious environmental approach. Indeed, in order to contribute to the fight against climate change, Ewane has embarked on the design of buildings aiming for the BBCA and E + C- labeling, which has never yet been awarded within the Kingdom. These are buildings with low carbon consumption, low CO2 emissions, from the construction phase to operation. “As part of our strategy of sustainable development and improving the competitiveness of our assets, we aspire to step up the steps in favor of environmental protection in the building sector, throughout its life cycle. »Indicates Mr. Omar Elyazghi, CEO of CDG Développement and Chairman of the Management Board of MEDZ. For his part, Mr. Rachid El Alaoui, CEO of Ewane explains the efforts made and the steps taken to limit the carbon footprint as much as possible. “With our partners, we had to rethink our way of working in order to adapt to environmental requirements. required for the construction of low carbon buildings. For example, a great deal of consideration has been given to materials, given that their production, transformation and transport emit CO2. The choice and combination of these materials has been a central element in our approach ”. Mr. Rachid El Alaoui adds details “We had to use less concrete and innovated to design new materials with low environmental impact that did not exist on the market, such as mud bricks … In addition, to reduce travel and limit carbon dioxide emissions, it was necessary to favor short supply chains and resort to local businesses. The architectural design has also been the subject of a great innovation work to follow a sober and thoughtful design logic. “Mr. Omar Elyazghi adds that” The development of these buildings represents an excellent example of the implementation of the decarbonisation policy of the CDG Group, which aims to orient us towards more sustainable and responsible investments, while guaranteeing the competitiveness of our parks, and consequently that of our customers ”. In addition, these are also positive energy buildings, i.e. they produce more energy than they consume. Also, and in order to optimize the energy needs of these buildings, several parameters had to be considered such as the use of bioclimatic architecture, efficient thermal insulation, low-energy equipment (e.g. ventilation, air conditioning or heating), etc. All these innovations aim to develop construction methods in favor of the energy transition in order to fight against global warming. These buildings also have several advantages for future operators. Mr. Rachid El Alaoui declares in this regard: “We will be able to offer our customers healthy and comfortable workspaces where life is good. This type of construction should also allow them to reduce their energy consumption and make significant savings on their bills ”. In order to limit the environmental impacts of this construction operation and provide future occupants with healthy and comfortable living conditions, help improve their living environment, preserve their health, etc., the BBCA and E + C- labels should be completed. by HQE certification & the OSMOZ label. About this project, Mr. Rachid El Alaoui declares “We have been able to work in synergy with our partners (the architectural firm Nouzha Mkinsi, the Novec design office and the BIM manager Continuum) to be able to offer our customers in the near future an exemplary site in Morocco, which is qualitative as well in terms of architecture, as of environment or of functionality of the installations ”. “We are particularly proud to have been able to involve as many providers as possible premises and to have been able to promote the introduction of innovative solutions in the building sector in Morocco, while contributing to the preservation of the environment. In addition, I remain convinced that this will constitute a factor of competitiveness of our parks in particular, and of the Morocco destination in general, environmental performance being increasingly considered as a major asset in the building industry ”also affirms Mr. Omar Elyazghi. Another innovation introduced in this project is the use of the BIM (Building Information Modeling) process, which offers multiple advantages for designing, constructing and managing buildings and infrastructures more efficiently. Among the benefits offered, an easier and more precise visualization of the progress of the site, an optimization of the costs, a better control of the deadlines, a gain in productivity and a better quality. In addition, with BIM, Ewane Assets will be able to offer a more efficient way of operating buildings and will allow facility management to be optimized.