Video. Agadir: large operation of molding traces of dinosaurs, at Anza beach

By Mohand Oubarka on 03/07/2021 at 2:53 p.m. © Copyright: Le360 Supervised by specialists, young Gadiris, who are activists in an NGO, undertook a large-scale operation on Anza beach: the molding of fingerprints of dinosaurs. The objective is twofold: to preserve the traces of these prehistoric reptiles and to encourage scientific tourism in the region. Report. The Moroccan Association for Orientation and Scientific Research (Amors) organized yesterday, Saturday March 6, at Anza beach, a few kilometers north of Agadir, a molding operation over a large area, which houses a significant number of dinosaur footprints. It must be said that Anza beach has been a world reference for a few years now, with its authenticated dinosaur footprints. About twenty young people from the region took part in this operation. Mohamed Salhi, president of Amors, specifies that it is important “to preserve these imprints and to enhance them, while awaiting the implementation of the long-awaited project of rehabilitation of the place and whose execution is long overdue”. Discovery. In the footsteps of the dinosaurs of Anza Beach, near Agadir Indeed, if Agadir presents itself as a world-famous and very popular tourist destination, the city nevertheless lacks these assets, which, like a Jurassic Park, could attract more tourists. visitors, keen on paleontology. “Those in charge should take an interest in this heritage its safeguard. We call for the creation of a museum which will undoubtedly be of great benefit to the region. It will serve as a place of learning for the population, including pupils and students, and will inform scientists “, says this interlocutor. Discovery of a new species of dinosaur in Morocco: what Nour-Eddine Jalil, paleontologist, University professor, says. Paleontologist of international renown, Moussa Masrour is known to have carried out several operations to prevent the disappearance of dinosaur footprints in the region. He supervised and supervised this new casting operation at Anza beach. For Le360, he explains the scientific approach he adopted in order to carry out this action. “The purpose of the molding is to have copies of the footprints of the dinosaurs, without moving to the places where they were noticed. But for this to happen, a museum or an exhibition room must be made available to specialists where the public can see them “, explains the paleontologist. By Mohand Oubarka