Sugar industry operators are working on growth paths

Casablanca hosted on Wednesday March 10 the work of the fourth edition of the International Sugar Conference (CIS), a biannual meeting organized this year in semi-digital format under the theme “Global sugar sector: What growth paths? »Unmissable event for the whole region and for the sugar market, the International Sugar Conference is an event organized by the Professional Sugar Association (APS) bringing together all Moroccan industrial operators (Cosumar SA, Surac, Sunabel and Suta) and the International Sugar Organization (ISO) whose actions aim to improve conditions on the world sugar market. As announced a few days earlier in a press release, this meeting was an opportunity for participants, including national and international experts, to discuss the strategic issues of the sugar sector. It enabled Moroccan and international professionals in the sugar industry to focus in particular on the impact of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) on the sugar market, the challenges related to water, the paths of diversification and the challenges of innovation and research and development. Broadcast live in the form of a webinar, the 2021 edition made it possible to dissect all the news related to the sugar industry, but also to review the prospects and challenges of the market. Speaking on this occasion, the president of the APS, Mohammed Fikrat, declared that the Covid-19 pandemic represents a challenge for the operators of the sugar industry, reports the MAP. For him, this meeting is also an opportunity “to highlight the role of the agricultural sector and, in particular, the sugar industry both in terms of food security and that of the socio-economic development of the regions”, continues the Press Agency. Quoted by the same source, the president of the Association of producers of sugar plants of Gharb (APPSG), Driss Radi, for his part recalled that sugar cane and beet remain among the crops favored by farmers in view of their profitability and performance. After highlighting the importance of the CIS for farmers, thanks to the presence of renowned experts and speakers, the president of the National Union of Sugar Plant Producers of Morocco (UNAPPSM) and the Association of Doukkala-Abda Beet Producers (APBDA), Abdelkader Kandil, recalled that the Doukkala region is one of the main beet producers. Taking this opportunity to address the issue of water in this sector, he indicated that the scarcity of water resources is one of the main challenges facing sugar cultivation in Morocco. The sugar sector is highly strategic in Morocco. According to the Professional Sugar Association, the sugar industry is the backbone of five regions that are home to the cultivation of sugar cane and beet. As its president noted during his speech, this crop concerns some 80,000 farmers. According to figures related to this sector, the sector generates nearly 5,000 direct and indirect permanent jobs in Morocco. Thanks to the monitoring of industrialists, the evolution of the productivity of sugar plants in Morocco has progressed over the last decade, says the Association of Sugar Plant Producers of Gharb. This development can be explained by the rigorous monitoring of the industrial world, in terms of process, productivity and automation, according to Abdelkader Kandil. As a reminder, the OIS is an intergovernmental body dedicated to improving conditions on the world sugar market through debates, analyzes, special studies, transparent statistics, seminars, conferences and conferences. workshops, can we read on its official website. Alain Bouithy