Moroccan Sahara: the African supporters of the Polisario are finally aware of a deception called “RASD”

The few African countries which still support the Polisario are beginning to review their position. Latest episode to date: Ethiopia has just notified the alleged Polisario head of diplomacy that it is now sticking to the UN political process alone to resolve the Sahara issue. Gone are the days when the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has cracked down on press releases in recent years reiterating his country’s total support for the separatism advocated by the ghostly “SADR”. Last Thursday, a Polisario envoy, received in Addis Ababa by the Ethiopian foreign minister, was surprised by the change of tone in this country so far counted among the few supporters of the separatists. This same March 11, 2021, in fact, the Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Demeke Mekonnen, dealt a heavy blow to the Polisario. By receiving in Addis Ababa Mohamed Salem Ould Salek, so-called head of diplomacy of the pseudo-SADR, bearer of a message from Brahim Ghali, head of the Polisario, Demeke Mekonnen clearly explained to his interlocutor that the Sahara issue was now in the hands of the United Nations, and in this sense it is necessary to respect the legality, as established by the African Union in 2018. According to two Ethiopian media, Waltainfo and Fana BC, Demeke Mekonnen has “Assured that Ethiopia has always been consistent in its support for a just, lasting and mutually acceptable political solution, in accordance with the principles and objectives of the Constitutive Act of the African Union and the Charter of the United Nations”. Although the head of Ethiopian diplomacy did not mention the Sahara issue by name, the Polisario envoy has sufficiently understood that Ethiopia, which has recognized the separatists for several years, and of which it hosts a so-called ” embassy ”, is in the process of readjusting its position on the Moroccan Sahara. This change of tone is all the more significant as Ethiopia was until now considered by the Polisario as being its main diplomatic ally, Addis Ababa is home to the headquarters of the African Union, the only regional organization in the world where the Polisario has managed to sit by breaking and entering. UA. Moussa Faki Mahamat confirms the exclusivity of the UN in the resolution of the question of the Moroccan Sahara. It is in this capacity that the Polisario emissary came to seek support in the “capital of Africa”, in order to demand a hypothetical return of the Sahara issue to the bosom of the African Union. But it was without taking into account that since Morocco’s return to the AU, African countries have begun to become aware of this deception that constitutes the “SADR”, an entity co-signed by Houari Boumedienne and Mouammar Gadhafi, and which owes its existence only to the financial, military and diplomatic support of the Algiers regime. Ethiopia thus perfectly illustrates this awareness, through an unequivocal decision that respects the law, a decision that left the official Algerian media speechless. They were initially slow to relate this interview, before the APS decided to report, two days later, that the talks between Ould Salek and the Ethiopians “focused on the regional and international situation (…) , the two parties welcomed the excellent historical bilateral relations, expressing their willingness to develop them in the service of the two peoples and countries ”. At no time have the shocking statements of the Ethiopian Minister of Foreign Affairs been taken up by the APS. The latter even descended too far into disinformation, taking as a source a Polisario site. However, even taking the trouble to consult this pseudo-media, we find no trace of this meeting in Addis Ababa, which nevertheless took place, but the outcome of which had the effect of a real cold shower. for the separatist sites, which therefore chose to ignore it. African Union: the ultimate Algiers maneuver turns into a snub for Tebboune and Chergui This radical change in the position of a former Polisario support is the second major diplomatic setback recorded by the Algeria-Polisario tandem, aware of the same week. It comes indeed only two days after their maneuvers at the top of the African Union Peace and Security Committee, on March 9, pitifully collapsed, while Algeria failed to meet (by videoconference) than the four African heads of state who still support the Polisario separatists. During this meeting, which was akin to a diplomatic hold-up, it was the foreign ministers of the other participating states who reminded the Algerian, Kenyan, South African and Mozambican heads of state that the PSC of the AU was not empowered to deal with the Sahara issue. The same call to order also came from the President of the African Union Commission, Moussa Faki Mahamat, who considered this meeting of the PSC as illegal. According to him, it violates AU resolution 693, adopted unanimously by African heads of state in July 2018 in Nouakchott, and under which it is the UN which has the exclusive right to manage the Sahara dossier. This AU resolution 693 will ultimately be the credo of the new president of the Peace and Security Council, the Nigerian Bankole Adeoye, who officially took office on Friday March 12, thus putting an end to another (big) Algerian deception. , named Smaïl Chergui. The latter returns to his country devastated, desperate and humiliated. At the AU, the “scavenger”, for that was his nickname, did not even get a farewell drink.