Franco-Moroccans call on Paris to recognize the sovereignty of the Kingdom over its Sahara

Franco-Moroccans called on France, in an initiative promoting unity, to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over its southern provinces. “We ask with confidence, with faith, with hope for France to recognize Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara”, indicate these Franco-Moroccans in a letter, through which the first signatories wish to be the actors of the territorial unity of Morocco and unity of views between Morocco and France. “It is because this is fair, legitimate and because it is the meaning of the future”, we read in this letter, signed by Moustapha Hadji and Ahmed Ghayet, joined by twenty Franco-Moroccans from various horizons . These first signatories are illustrated in the daily life of France and are representative of the different regions of France, its diversity and its excellence. “We are the children of an addition, we will never be those of a subtraction and we do not accept that we want to make us those of a division”, affirm the actors of this initiative. “We are a chance, we are an asset, we are a bridge: rich in a double culture, a positive diversity, tributaries from both sides of the Mediterranean, we are carriers of mixed values, of innovative perspectives , hope… of peace! ”, they underline in this letter. “We love France and we love Morocco, we are the fruit of human, geographic and historical mixing and we want to put it at the service of both countries,” they argue. “How can we, who are – by our very existence – actors of the union, not be sensitive to the aspiration of our country of origin to its unity?”, They affirm. In this regard, they express their desire to “take advantage of this very specific faculty (…) to ensure that France – which has always found Morocco at its side when it has needed it, history shows it – take the long awaited step, certainly by us, but also by a whole people “. “Our position allows us – without betraying or denying anything of what we are – to carry out this positive, constructive, innovative step”, they point out, noting that it allows them to clearly expose the major role that they can play and that they become more aware of. “Let no one allow himself to deform or to divert our initiative. It comes from the heart and the reason and its outcome will be for us, for Morocco and for France one more milestone, posed on the way of a common course already so rich “, conclude the actors of this approach.