Morocco and the UN agree an annual work plan in the field of youth

An annual youth work plan was signed on Wednesday in Rabat between the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and the United Nations System (UNS), represented by four of its specialized agencies in the field. of the youth. Under this agreement, the first of its kind in the field of youth in Morocco, the United Nations system will provide technical and financial support to the Ministry, in particular for the deployment of the new offer of youth centers and the renewal of its governance and animation framework, the operationalization of the Integrated National Youth Policy, the establishment of a national system for collecting and processing information on young people and analyzing their situation and the launch of regional and local initiatives aimed at young people in the field of social entrepreneurship and innovation. Signed by the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Othman El Ferdaous, the representative of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Luis Mora, the representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) , Giovanna Barberis, Deputy Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Martine Therer and Acting Director of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Office for Maghreb, Alexander Schischlik, this Joint Work Plan will result in actions defined for each of its components, through specific results-oriented interventions, which will directly benefit adolescents and young people and associations working in the various levers of youth-related actions. In a press statement, Mr. El Ferdaous indicated that the signing of this annual work plan with a collective of UNS agencies aims to achieve convergence between all the plans of these agencies. “The youth centers have been closed since last year because of the sanitary confinement, with its psychological, economic and social repercussions”, he said, adding that “we had not given up” and “we have acted ”in favor of a qualitative and quantitative contribution for the benefit of these houses, as well as for the national sectoral youth policy. In this regard, Mr. El Ferdaous underlined the commitment and positive interaction with the UNS, particularly at the level of funding, noting that meetings are planned for the actual implementation of this “ambitious plan”, on the basis of ‘spatial justice throughout the Kingdom. “This ambitious plan will make it possible, after the pandemic, to have a novelty in the infrastructures of the youth centers, including the animation program which is very important”, he said. For his part, Mr. Mora said he was “very proud of the signing of this joint agreement, with a number of UNS agencies and which tends to support the implementation of the national youth policy and sectoral strategies. for youth in Morocco. Mr. Schischlik affirmed, for his part, that Morocco relies on the youth as an actor of development, adding that the youth are carriers of ideas of innovation and must be supported in a structured way. Each of the UNS agencies can bring specific knowledge to Moroccan authorities and youth to use and integrate them into their strategies and policies, he said. “The youth centers are the keystone for the access of young people to the offers of the authorities”, observed Mr. Schischlik, specifying that “it is very important” to put in place this policy to reach the most disadvantaged and to deploy joint efforts with the authorities in this direction. This agreement testifies to the ambition of the parties for the implementation of national priorities in the field of youth and marks their mutual commitment to combine their efforts for the implementation of the main reforms and initiatives in this area. LNT with Map