Denmark to the rescue of its children trapped in Syria

Friday, March 26, 2021 at 13:33 -By: Houcine MAIMOUNI- Copenhagen – After three long weeks of debates punctuated by political games, legal arguments and humanitarian pleas, Denmark seems to be on the way out of the crisis for his children trapped in the Syrian furnace. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has indeed signaled for the first time that her government could act to repatriate 19 Danish children from prison camps in northeastern Syria. Ms Frederiksen, known for her tough stance on immigration, confirmed her readiness to bring back Danish children, especially those placed in Kurdish-controlled camps, Al-Hol and Al-Roj, which are home to former activists and supporters. of the terrorist group known as the Islamic State (Isis). These Danish children are apparently in these camps where their mothers traveled to Syria to support the terrorist organization Isis, before its brutal fall in 2019 and the loss of its last jihadist strongholds. “There are children who have found themselves in a very unfortunate situation because of their parents’ very bad choices. We have always said that we want to help these children, ”Ms. Frederiksen said. This major change in the tone of the Social Democratic leader, who made the migration issue her favorite hobbyhorse during the legislative elections of June 2019, is explained by the all-out pressures on her minority government, including the from its own political allies. Last January, Mrs Frederiksen again assured that “if helping these children means that their parents will also be helped to come to Denmark, then we cannot make this choice”. So far, the government has refused to extract children from these camps, citing mainly security reasons. Except that the Danish intelligence service FE stressed in a report that leaving them in Syria represents a much greater potential risk to the security of the Nordic country. Reports from the Ekstra Bladet newspaper have shown that children are at risk of radicalization in the camps. According to newspaper sources, Isis has already smuggled 30 children out of Al-Hol and Al-Roj camps, with a view to mobilizing a total of 350 to train them to carry out terrorist attacks in their country. ‘origin. The daily specifies that Isis would have set up a training camp for children called “Lion cubs of the Caliphate” to prepare them for the execution of its disastrous projects. Defense Minister Trine Bramsen, however, assured that no Danish child “has been exposed to these kidnapping attempts”. The two camps of Al-Roj and Al-Hol are home to 15,000 foreign families with women and children, the youngest of whom were born in the caliphate of Isis in the years 2012-2016. According to a report by Egmont – Royal Institute for International Relations – at least 40 women from Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany, among others, fled these camps last year. During the first two weeks of January, 12 people were found killed in these camps. A foreign ministry tally found that these camps currently house 19 Danish children aged 0-14, nine of whom were born in Denmark and ten in conflict areas. The six mothers of the children in question, three of whom were stripped of their Danish nationality, all declared that they wanted to return to Denmark, a wish that the Head of Government could not grant, accusing them of having “turned their backs on Denmark”. “We will see if we can help the children. It may be relevant for more children to come to Denmark. But we don’t want to help their parents, ”said Ms Frederiksen, adding that how to help these children“ needs to be discussed with the parties in parliament ”. While debates rage in the Folketing on the lack of transparency that has punctuated the management of this affair, civil society is strongly involved, citing the case of a four-year-old girl who must be withdrawn from the Al camp. -Roj to receive treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. The Raptariate The Children Denmark Association (RTC) has decided to take the government to court to get it to repatriate the 19 children. “Men, women and children around the world enter third year of unlawful detention in life-threatening conditions in northeastern Syria as their governments look away,” he said. Letta Tayler, associate director of crises and conflicts at the NGO Human Rights Watch. Last February, independent United Nations human rights experts urged 57 states, including Denmark, to repatriate children and women of jihadists stranded in the “squalid camps” of Al-Hol and Al -Roj, which is home to more than 64,000 people, mostly women and children.