The Sony FX6 has just been added to the list of cameras approved for shooting Netflix movies

Sony Middle East & Africa has just announced that its FX6 full-frame 4K camera is now on Netflix’s list of approved cameras. The FX6 compact camera has officially joined the nine other Sony cameras that were on the list of cameras that received Netflix approval for use during filming of its productions. Speaking on this, Murat Gebeceli, Head of Digital Imaging at Sony Middle East and Africa, said: “The Sony FX6 is one of the most versatile cameras on the market. The FX6 is particularly recommended for those who are looking for a very high quality cinematic camera. Using the technologies integrated on Sony’s high performance VENICE camera, which is currently the leading camera in the market, but also the innovative features of the Sony Alpha series mirrorless cameras, the FX6, due to its size and lightness, is perfectly suited for filming all types of projects: whether high-end music videos, weddings or travel videos… ”Now available for sale, the FX6 was unveiled by Sony last September. The camera had then aroused a particularly positive reaction from many content creators and from many professional photographers. Jessica Earnshaw, the famous documentary photographer, for example said after using the FX6: “During a recent shoot, I was blown away by the performance of the FX6 and its ability to bring out all the privacy and depth. of a filming scene. I had no problem using the FX6: its compact design, size and weight are just fantastic ”. Part of the Cinema Line range, the all-new FX6 incorporates the latest Sony technologies in terms of image sensor, processing engine and AF (autofocus) performance. The FX6 is also compatible with Sony’s wide range of E-mount lenses. The camera also features a full-frame back-illuminated 10.2 MP Exmor R ™ CMOS sensor that provides wide range access. dynamic (composed of more than 15 stops), but also at extremely high sensitivity, in addition to low noise. Other Sony cameras that are on Netflix’s Approved Camera List are: VENICE, FX9, Z750, F55, F5, F65, FS7 / FS7ii, HDC-4300 and Z450. Netflix specifies that at least 90% of the total duration of a program must be captured by approved cameras. With regard to non-fictional content, this threshold may however be revised downwards.