Remote work: Microsoft publishes the results of its annual report

Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) Just Released Results From Its First Work Trend Index Titled “The Next Big Disruption Is Hybrid Work – Are We Ready?” This annual report highlights no less than seven trends in hybrid work that every business leader should know and embrace as the new era of work dawns, Microsoft said in a statement. The same report states that business leaders should stop seeing hybrid work as a normal activity. The report therefore invites us to rethink certain received ideas that still persist. “The choices you make today will have a significant impact on your business for years to come. These choices should necessarily be based on a clear vision and growth prospects, ”said corporate vice president for Microsoft 365, Jared Spataro. And to argue that “these decisions will have an impact on how you attract and retain talent, and how you better foster the spirit of collaboration and innovation within your company.” The results obtained, continues the same source, demonstrate that this last year has enabled us to record a whole series of fundamental changes in the ways of working, in this case the trends in terms of collaboration via Microsoft Teams and via Outlook which clearly demonstrate that hybrid work has taken over and the time spent in meetings has more than doubled globally. Indeed, more than 40 billion more emails were sent in February of this year compared to the same month last year. It is also a question of working methods that have become more human, notes the press release, which notes that nearly 40% of employees say that they now feel more comfortable to fully invest in their work than ‘before the pandemic. The study also shows that “we are at the dawn of major upheavals”. Indeed, 73% of the employees surveyed want these new remote working options which are more flexible to be maintained, remote job offers on LinkedIn have been multiplied by more than 5 during the pandemic and more than 40% of the Global workforce plans to quit their jobs this year while 46% of this workforce plans to move, as they can now work remotely. Best of all, flexible working has a positive impact on people who stay in the office, but on those who work remotely and those who have just joined the company, Microsoft says. To support businesses going through this transition, the 2021 Labor Trends Index presents findings from a study of more than 30,000 people in 31 different countries that analyzes trillions of aggregate signals and productivity data and work via Microsoft 365 and via LinkedIn. The index also includes the perspectives of experts who have studied new forms of collaboration, but also social capital and workspace design for decades. The report highlights seven trends in hybrid work that every business leader should know about as we enter this new era of work, the statement said. It’s about the flexible working that will persist in the long run, leaders who are disconnected from their employees, the high productivity that masks an often over-stretched and sometimes strained workforce, Gen Z who find themselves endangered and should be further re-energized, the contraction of networks that threatens innovation, authenticity that will boost productivity and well-being and talent that is further leveraged within hybrid work environments. In addition to highlighting issues related to the future of work, the Work Trends Index identifies five strategies for business leaders to follow. It is about creating a plan intended to give extreme flexibility to employers, invest more in technology and redesign the workplace in order to build solid bridges between the two physical and digital worlds, push the limits of digital, give prioritizing the reconstruction of social capital and corporate culture and rethinking the employee experience in order to make the most of the different skills available. “Throughout this pandemic, we have observed a rapid acceleration of certain pre-Covid trends. But one of the most interesting trends is without doubt the rise of remote working. As opportunities become more democratic with remote working, we will see an explosion of new skills across the country, ”noted Karin Kimbrough, Chief Economist, Linkedin. He added that this is the right time for business leaders to be able to seize the opportunity to access diverse skills and talents that were not previously available to them. 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