Huawei: revenue up 3.8% in 2020

The turnover of the Chinese group Huawei amounted to 891.4 billion yuan (136.7 billion dollars) in 2020, an increase of 3.8% compared to the previous year. Huawei’s net profit thus reached 64.6 billion yuan ($ 9.9 billion), an increase of 3.2% compared to 2019, the group said in a press release on the publication of its annual report. of 2020. Despite the slowdown in growth, the company’s business performance was broadly in line with expectations, the same source said, adding that despite the operational difficulties caused by the US sanctions in 2019 and 2020, Huawei requested the KPMG firm to independently and objectively audit its financial statements. The report issued by KPMG is independent and has not been modified by Huawei, the statement said. Whatever the circumstances, Huawei will continue its policy of transparency by communicating operational data to governments, customers, suppliers, employees and partners, it continues. In 2020, Huawei’s telecommunications sector continued to ensure the stable operation of more than 1,500 networks in more than 170 countries and regions, which helped foster teleworking, online learning and e-commerce during the confinements decreed following the pandemic of the new coronavirus (Covid-19). Working with operators around the world, the company has helped deliver a superior connected experience and has advanced more than 3,000 5G innovation projects in more than 20 industries such as coal mining, steel production, ports and factories. In addition, Huawei’s business services industry has intensified its efforts over the past year to develop innovative solutions for different scenario-based industries and create a digital ecosystem that is based on a mutually beneficial creative process. During the pandemic, the Chinese group provided technical expertise and solutions that have proven to be vital in the fight against the virus. Thanks to an artificial intelligence (AI) -assisted diagnostic solution based on the Huawei Cloud, hospitals around the world have been able to reduce the load on their medical infrastructures. Huawei has also worked with partners to launch cloud-based e-learning platforms for more than 50 million elementary and secondary school students. With the deployment of HarmonyOS and the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) ecosystem, Huawei’s consumer sector has moved forward with its Seamless AI Life (“1 + 8 + N”) strategy to provide consumers with a smart experience on everyone devices and in all scenarios, with a focus on the smart office, fitness and health, the connected home, easy transport and entertainment. Quoted in the statement, Ken Hu, Chairman-in-Office of Huawei, said, “Over the past year, we have stood firm in the face of adversity.” “We have continued to innovate to create value for our customers, to help fight the pandemic, and to support both economic recovery and social progress around the world. We also took this opportunity to further improve our operations, which led to performance largely in line with expectations, ”he said. He added: “We will continue to work closely with our customers and partners to support social progress, economic growth and sustainable development.” All financial statements in the 2020 Annual Report have been independently audited by KPMG, one of the world’s top four accounting firms. To download the 2020 annual report, go to