Medi1 and iReMMO launch digital series of analyzes on the Arab world

Radio Méditerranée Internationale (Medi1radio) and MEDI1TV are joining forces with the Mediterranean Middle East Research and Studies Institute (iReMMO), to launch a series of analyzes of the political, socio-economic and cultural issues of the countries of the North Africa, the Middle East and the Mediterranean basin. The objective of this partnership is to offer a geostrategic analysis of the Arab world through the distribution of digital capsules “2 minutes to understand” on the digital platforms Medi1News and Medi1podcast. To this end, four thematic series composed of three episodes each will cover topics that made the headlines: the Abraham Accords, the Lebanese crisis, the challenges of the energy transition in the Arab world, the Covid crisis. -19 in the MENA zone… Each series analyzes the question treated from several angles with sub-themes. This concept of digital series will allow the apprehension of complex ideas on key issues affecting the Arab world in a short format adapted to digital consumption. As a reminder, the iReMMO, a long-time partner of Radio Méditerranée Internationale, is supporting the Radio this season in the framework of two bimonthly meetings to dissect current topics and give an interpretation of the political, socio-economic issues of the region, to through the interventions, in information centers on the waves of Medi 1, of the President of the iReMMO Jean-Paul Chagnollaud as guest of the editorial staff, and of the Vice-President Agnès Levallois in the magazine du Moyen- East. Productions also published on the digital platform Medi1News. About iReMMO The iReMMO (Mediterranean Middle East Research and Studies Institute) is an independent institute based in Paris, in the form of an association under the 1901 law, declared of general interest. The iReMMO has been working and committed for 10 years to making scientific knowledge committed to the major political, cultural, economic and social issues related to the regions of the Middle East and the Mediterranean basin accessible to as many people as possible. Through publications, conferences, meetings, public speeches as well as training and research programs, these reflections are intended to be both rigorous and committed, whether it is about conflicts in the Near and Middle East. Orient, immigration, security in the Mediterranean, Islamism, the regression of civil liberties, freedom of worship, or the environment. About Radio Méditerranée Internationale Radio Méditerranée Internationale – Medi 1 – is the first generalist news radio in Morocco and a reference media in the Maghreb, in French-speaking Africa and in the Euro-Mediterranean area. Created in 1980, Medi 1 is an international radio station broadcast in two languages ​​(Arabic and French), in frequency modulation (FM) in Morocco as well as in most of the capitals of West Africa. Medi 1 is also accessible online on all of its digital platforms – website, connected mobile applications and social networks. About MEDI1TV MEDI1TV was created in 2006 as a continuous bilingual and local news channel for the Maghreb. Its mission was to bring and convey the Maghrebian point of view on world news. MEDI1TV is today a multichannel and multilingual information bouquet, a multicultural human mix, a modern technological infrastructure, a global broadcast via numerous cable networks and satellite bouquets in Africa, Europe and the Middle East and on the Internet and applications connected mobiles.