Morocco-France: The FMFI is born

The Fédération Maroc France Influence (FMFI) was recently launched at the initiative of two Franco-Moroccan women, Fatiha El Bayid, elected Franco-Moroccan in the Var and Hanane Boumejjane, involved in the Franco-Moroccan associative fabric. This network brings together associations, companies and actors active in the social, cultural, sporting or economic field and engaged in dialogue and cooperation between France and Morocco, indicates a press release from the Federation. Present in all French and Moroccan regions, the FMFI, which has around 100 members, aims to carry, on both sides of the Mediterranean, large-scale innovative projects geared towards sustainable, social and solidarity development, specifies the same source. The said Federation, which “wants to be non-community, areligious and apolitical”, is distinguished from other associations and collectives France-Morocco by the diversity and the structuring of the network that it makes available to its members to implement their project, made know the release. “This project is the result of a long reflection and a burning desire to bring together all the French and Moroccan actors involved, with their projects and their convictions, in order to create a solid and united collective. We set ambitious goals for ourselves from the start. This immediately attracted a large number of personalities who have now joined the federation or who support our approach ”, declared Ms. El Bayid, president of the Federation, quoted in the press release. And to continue: “Our federation does not seek to absorb or replace groups of friendships, associations and other Franco-Moroccan organizations. We simply want to promote the action of our members and support them in their project with the help of an influential and structured network. This federation is one more stone for the consolidation and sustainability of the friendship between France and Morocco ”. Sponsored by producer and manager Mani Nordine, FMFI has appointed Digital Virgo CEO Manuel Cruz as Honorary President. Followed by more than 2,000 people, with 100 members, it is supported by 300 members including the deputy M’Jid El Guerrab, the essayist and political advisor Naima M’faddel or the intellectual Rachid Benzine. “The profiles that make up the Federation are quite varied with very different backgrounds, professions and experiences. There are entrepreneurs, elected officials, associative actors and even personalities from the world of culture and sport. The common characteristic of each of the members remains the proximity and the particular attachment to Morocco ”, indicates the press release. “What certainly makes the strength and richness of our federation is the great diversity from which our members come. This eclecticism promotes synergies that are sometimes atypical but very often promising. This helps to strengthen dialogue and increase exchanges between all members. From the start, benevolence has been the key word. Everyone is driven by the same desire and the same ambition to know how to establish strong links between two countries dear to their identity ”explained, for her part, Ms. Boumejjane, Secretary General of the Federation. Led by two women and with a significant female presence among its members, the FMFI wishes to accompany, support and advise women who wish to undertake or develop their activity in France or Morocco. It aims, in particular, to be a relay and a trusted intermediary with the public authorities and Moroccan institutional bodies. The president and the secretary general of the FMFI insisted that the organization be anchored in the territories. The Federation is thus represented by referents and groups in the thirteen French regions and the twelve Moroccan regions as well as Moroccans around the world. “It is very important for us that women play a leading role in the federation. In our societies, which are not yet developed in terms of parity, equal pay or access to financing, we want to serve as a benchmark and springboard for those who have the ambition to carry out entrepreneurial or associative projects. . We also claim a strong foothold in French and Moroccan territories, because we are convinced that it is at the local level that it is most relevant and above all the most effective to carry out large-scale positive actions ”, recalled Ms. El Bayid. (With MAP)