Three prologue matches of the 11th day of the Botola D1

It is not known if this is a revolution that will last, but for a while, the accumulation of late matches was the hallmark of the national championship. The matches are now advanced and due to their participation in the continental games this weekend, the Raja, the WAC and the Berkane Sports Renaissance will play the 11th day of the Botola Pro from today. On the program, a distance fight for the title between rival clubs from Casablanca, and one of the last chances for RSB to get back on their feet and revise their goals upwards. RCOZ vs WAC Traveling to OuedZem, the leader will have the honors of Prime Time (7:30 p.m.). Even if scheduling such an important meeting on a Champions League night is not the idea of ​​the century to restore the image of a championship in need of exposure. But programming considerations, the Wydad does not care. Benzarti’s men have only one idea in mind: to continue their invincibility series which has stretched since 6 meetings. Especially with three points ahead of their runner-up, Raja, the margin of error is not great, despite the match less than the WAC. In short, snatching the three points is non-negotiable and especially in the strings of a collective which has scored at least one goal for nine games. Of course, it will not be a pie. Opposite, Fouad Sahabi, an old acquaintance of the Red and White, will release his coach costume for the Rapide Club of Oued Zempour for the first time, replacing Youssef Fertout. The task promises to be difficult for Sahabi. Because it is not only a question of finding defensive stability (3rd worst defense), but also the offensive brilliance (3rd worst attack). And, above all, to taste again the victory at home, which has not happened to the RCOZ for 5 games. RCA vs HUSA A few hours earlier (5.15 p.m.), Raja (2nd with 19 points) will have the opportunity to put pressure on the leader, on condition of regaining technical and collective stability on the ground, if not outside. With a coach one foot out and one foot in, we readily admit that the situation is confusing. One blow, he leaves, one blow, he remains, Jamal Sellami and his management have decidedly not yet finished playing on the nerves of their supporters. In any case, the Moroccan technician will be on the bench of a team with sawtooth results, and which is struggling to find a cruising pace, or rather a pace of title contender. Blame it on a defense that has taken on water since the departure of Banoun. Raja have conceded at least one goal in 67% of the games played, with starts far from being a model of their kind. A third of the goals conceded by the Greens were conceded in the first quarter of an hour, which is to say that the lack of concentration and motivation is a persistent gap that risks costing Raja the title, and perhaps even a place. on the podium. The opponent of the day, HUSA (5th with 14 points), does not intend to stop there, and intends to continue its unbeaten streak in the last six games. But for that, we will have to find the way of the nets outside, which HUSA has been unable to do during its last 4 trips. RSB vs IRT Further north, Berkane (9th) will host the Ittihad of Tangier (8th). Two teams well wedged in the soft underbelly of the standings but who aspire to extricate themselves from it. In the end, we hope so. Conversely, this afternoon (3 p.m.) will also be the perfect opportunity for both of them to distance the red zone of the standings.