Morocco, a reliable partner of the United Kingdom after Brexit

Moroccan Ambassador to London Abdeslam Aboudrar highlighted on Friday Morocco’s economic and political strengths, which make it a reliable trade partner for the United Kingdom after Brexit. Speaking at a webinar organized by the British Arab Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) in London, Mr. Aboudrar highlighted the strategic rapprochement between the two Kingdoms which has strengthened closely after Brexit, particularly in the economic, financial and educational fields, before citing the various political, geographic and economic assets of Morocco as well as the efforts it has made to respond to the health crisis, reports MAP. The Ambassador thus underlined that Morocco enjoys political stability thanks in particular to its policy of openness, to its pluralism and to the active role of its civil society, noting that it also has one of the constitutions. more advanced ”in the region. This stability is also supported by the application of and respect for laws and a wide range of strategic actions undertaken in the fields of religion, culture and education, he said. In addition, the Kingdom has a “healthy, diversified and balanced” economy which is not only based on the exploitation of natural resources but also on industry, agriculture and services, noted the ambassador, stressing the major asset of Morocco’s geographical positioning, which makes it a gateway to Africa, but also a bridge between civilizations and a link between East and West. For the ambassador, Morocco’s resilience and the strength of its infrastructure have been widely demonstrated in its response to the health crisis, noting that the Kingdom was among the first countries to take drastic measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic. He therefore believes that the Kingdom has favored common sense, rigor and scientific expertise in its management of the crisis, first through the establishment of general containment, based on a range of preventive measures. Then, through the establishment of the scientific committee responsible for monitoring the development of the epidemiological situation and providing the medical and scientific basis for government decisions. On the economic level, Morocco has set up, under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, a special fund of 10 billion dirhams dedicated to covering the costs of upgrading the medical device, in terms of suitable infrastructure and additional resources to be acquired, detailed the ambassador. He also noted that the Kingdom has taken several health measures including the deployment of medical and protective equipment in hospitals across the country, while rapidly increasing the capacity of beds and that of intensive care services. According to Mr. Aboudrar, “these efforts have borne fruit”, stressing that Morocco, which is one of the TOP 15 countries which have successfully completed their vaccination campaigns, is currently experiencing a drop in the rate of contamination of Covid-19 and in the number of new cases. The diplomat indicated, moreover, that the industry sector is among the most strategic for the national economy, highlighting the undeniable achievements of Morocco in the automotive and aeronautics sectors. He noted that the Moroccan automotive industry has achieved a particularly remarkable level of growth in recent years, which has been reinforced by the establishment of renowned foreign groups such as Renault, Yazaki and PSA Peugeot Citroën. As for aeronautics, more than 140 companies already operate in the Kingdom, while the sector employs around 18,000 people, he said. These political, economic and scientific achievements are so many assets that make Morocco a reliable partner for the United Kingdom after its exit from the European Union, the ambassador concluded, noting that the two countries must make Brexit “a opportunity to strengthen their links in the service of their respective peoples and economies ”.