Interministerial Commission: markets supplied in the normal way during Ramadan

The interministerial commission responsible for monitoring supply, prices and quality and price control operations, chaired by the Department of General Affairs and Governance under the Ministry of the Economy and Finance and composed of the departments ministers responsible for the Interior, Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Industry and Trade, Energy and Mines as well as the public offices concerned, held its first meeting during this month of Ramadan , Thursday April 15, 2021. This meeting is part of the coordination and monitoring work carried out by this committee throughout the year, and which are reinforced during the month of Ramadan in order to ensure the monitoring of the supply, price and control situation. After recalling the anticipatory measures taken by the government to ensure the supply of the markets with the most consumed products during this holy month at adequate prices and qualities and in the required sanitary conditions and taking into account the reports drawn up by the various departments , the committee confirmed that the markets are normally supplied with food and energy products as well as disinfection and hygiene products, and that the available supply largely covers the needs over several weeks or even several months depending on the goods. With regard to the prices of products heavily consumed during the month of Ramadan, and with the exception of the selling prices of tomatoes which have experienced some increases, the committee noted that the prices of the majority of products remained stable during this period. period. In terms of price and quality control of food products, the joint control commissions supervised by the walis and governors, controlled 20,544 points of sale during the month of Chaabane. These checks led to the finding of 600 infringements in terms of price and quality regulations, broken down as follows: 221 for failure to display prices, 100 for failure to invoice, 21 for failure to comply with the standards of the quality, health and safety. To this end, all regulatory measures have been taken against offenders. With regard to the quality of food products, the joint committees seized and destroyed 121 tonnes of products unfit for consumption or not complying with the standards in force. The committee will continue to hold regular meetings to follow the evolution of the market situation, the level of supply and prices and the results of the interventions of the control committees to deal with any type of fraud, monopolization, of speculation or price manipulation.