Ramadan Programming: Fill up on spirituality and cultural news on Medi1 TV

Like other Moroccan channels, Medi1 TV unveils its Ramadan schedule. In this holy month, this Tangier channel will stand out, as it announces, by “a special section from 6 pm to 7:30 pm dedicated to spirituality and cultural news”. In detail, Medi1 TV, faithful to its identity as a news channel, offers “rich and dynamic content to (re) discover the richness of the Kingdom’s cultural heritage and its spiritual influence on the African continent”. Thus, the program “kbel l’ftour”, which will be broadcast live at 6 p.m. at the breaking of the fast, offers content around spirituality with the new production “Mamlakat Alawlyae” (the Kingdom of the Saints) which highlights the amplitude of their spiritual influence through the centuries, with the participation of eminent intellectuals and thinkers of the Muslim world, from Fez to Damascus via Istanbul and Alexandria. In turn, the “Zawayas” program offers a spiritual journey to the heart of brotherhoods and religious knowledge with the influence of zawayas across Africa and the preponderant role played by imams and Sufis of the Kingdom in their expansion. For its part, the culinary art show “Food Bladi” promotes Moroccan chefs in search of excellence who contribute to the influence of the national culinary heritage internationally; an enhancement of the Kingdom in its diversity and cultural richness. For its part, the “Andaloussiyate” program will be a programmed musical breathing at the time of the breaking of the fast, allowing a moment of sharing and serenity with the family to savor the richness of the poetic and spiritual creativity inherited from Andalusian culture. And that’s not all ! In addition to spiritual broadcasts, artist interviews with reports combined with information meetings are also scheduled on the channel during Ramadan. As a reminder, Medi1TV was created in 2006 as a continuous bilingual and local news channel for the Maghreb. Its mission was to bring and convey the Maghrebian point of view on world news. MEDI1TV is today a multichannel and multilingual information bouquet, a multicultural human mix, a modern technological infrastructure, a global broadcast via numerous cable networks and satellite bouquets in Africa, Europe and the Middle East and on the Internet and applications connected mobiles.