Wheat: COMADER refutes quality claims

The Moroccan Confederation of Agriculture and Rural Development (COMADER) on Wednesday refuted claims about the quality of Moroccan wheat and bread consumed by Moroccans. “It is with great astonishment that COMADER took note of the irresponsible statements relating to the quality of the bread consumed by Moroccans”, indicates a statement from the Confederation which, “given the seriousness of these statements and their fallacious character and slanderous ”, wished to bring clarifications to the general public. “These statements call into question without any foundation the efforts made by Moroccan farmers in general and the small ones among them in particular, while knowing that the cultivation of cereals represents the main source of their income”, deplores the same source. And to continue: “Our farmers are fully committed to the regular supply, in sufficient quantity and quality, of the local market in various agricultural products, and this despite the various restrictions imposed by the public authorities during the pandemic of the new coronavirus (covid -19) ”. These statements intentionally ignore the intelligence of the Moroccan consumer, underlines COMADER, hammering that Morocco is known, both nationally and internationally, for the richness of its ancestral culinary art, of which bread is one of its main pillars. “As such, we believe that the Moroccan consumer is in the best position to appreciate the quality of the flour he uses or that of the bread he acquires from both modern and artisan bakeries”, adds the Confederation. . These statements in a malicious way ignore the work of all the control commissions and in particular that of the National Food Safety Office (ONSSA) on the one hand, as well as all the achievements of the cereal sector in the part of the Green Morocco Plan (PMV) in recent years, on the other hand, believes the Confederation. Also, COMADER expresses its total solidarity and unconditional support to wheat farmers and refutes irresponsible statements regarding the quality of Moroccan wheat, and will support all professional organizations including FIAC (founding member of COMADER) and member associations which composes it in all the steps which they will undertake to obtain compensation for the damage which the farmers could suffer as a result of the actions of certain ill-intentioned parties. And to conclude that the Confederation confirms that it is continuing its efforts to support grain farmers in their noble mission of supplying the country with quality wheat. (With MAP)