“Crafts for all”: A large product marketing operation launched in 12 shopping centers in Morocco

The Ministry of Tourism, Crafts, Air Transport and Social Economy, in partnership with the Aradei Capital Group, the Maison de l’Artisan and the Office for the Development of Cooperation, launched Tuesday in Tangier , a large-scale marketing operation for craft products in 12 shopping centers in Morocco. Placed under the theme “Crafts for all”, this large-scale operation is part of the efforts made by the ministry to support the players in the craft industry and develop their activity, and aims to market the products of the ‘crafts in 12 shopping centers, belonging to the Aradei Capital Group, spread over 10 cities in the Kingdom. This operation will allow artisans to promote and market their products in these shopping centers spread between Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, Fez, Meknes, Tangier, Agadir, El Jadida, Safi and Témara, by offering them dedicated spaces to exhibit their products to customers looking for these items, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. This pilot operation, which will be duplicated and generalized during the coming months, aims to offer an opportunity to artisans to improve their income, in order to mitigate the impact of the health crisis which has particularly affected the craft sector. It will also make it possible to better prepare and equip craft operators to access markets, in particular through the opportunities offered by large and medium-sized retail outlets. This first operation targeted around a hundred individual artisans, cooperatives and self-employed entrepreneurs, selected following a call for expressions of interest. Exhibitors will benefit from dedicated services to better promote their products and facilitate interactions with customers, in particular a packaging service and centralized checkouts per site. Sales coordinators have also been mobilized to support the artisans. In addition, a digital communication campaign has also been launched to showcase artisans, their know-how and their products. It targets large fringes of potential consumers on social networks and also capitalizes on the # Art_Is_Ana campaign, recently launched and followed by thousands of Moroccans, which aims to encourage different categories of customers to consume Moroccan handicraft products. throughout the year. In a press statement, the director general of the Maison de l’Artisan, Tarik Sadik, stressed that this initiative is part of the strategy of the Ministry of Tourism, Crafts, Air Transport and the social economy, and the Maison de l’Artisan, aimed at supporting artisans, in order to help strengthen demand for artisanal products and help artisans to overcome the consequences of the health crisis on the sector. In this regard, he noted the participation of 100 artisans, representing all the crafts trades, in this operation, which also aims to study the Moroccan market, the prices of crafts and the needs of consumers. For his part, the director general of the Office for the Development of Cooperation, Youssef Hosni, assured that this initiative will allow cooperatives and individual artisans, affected by the coronavirus pandemic, to exhibit their products in these shopping centers throughout the year. throughout the month of Ramadan, noting that this operation aims in particular to market Moroccan handicraft products. As for the secretary general of Aradei Capital, Hakim Benzakour, he expressed the group’s joy to participate in this initiative, aimed at supporting artisans and exhibiting their products to customers in all shopping centers belonging to the group, emphasizing the pride of the group to support the craft industry, in this difficult situation.