Microsoft reaffirms its commitment to support businesses in Morocco in digital resilience

Microsoft reaffirms its deep commitment to supporting businesses in Morocco and helping them adopt a culture of digital resilience that is both effective and constructive, said Tuesday, Regional Director Customer Success for Africa and Interim Managing Director of Microsoft. Morocco, Ahmed Yahyaoui. One year after the outbreak of the pandemic linked to Covid-19, companies in Morocco as everywhere else around the world had to opt for solutions capable of allowing them to anchor themselves more quickly in a logic of recovery, noted Mr. Yahyaoui, who spoke at a webinar organized by Microsoft, under the theme “Technology is the guarantee of economic recovery”. In this sense, he noted that the health crisis has made it possible to increase the importance of technology tenfold and, by extension, to accelerate the digital transformation of several private companies and public bodies. He also pointed out that Microsoft, as a major player in the technological sector, launched several updates to its solutions last year, like Teams. Updates that have allowed hundreds of companies of different sizes, as well as several thousand employees in Morocco, to start working remotely and thus guarantee the continuity of their activities, he said. said. “The Teams solution has seen increased demand during the first months of the pandemic, or 4 billion meeting minutes per day, which remains huge,” he said, noting that in Morocco, Microsoft has granted tens of thousands of Teams licenses to Moroccan companies, ministries and offices for several months, to help them ensure the continuity of their activities under the best conditions. And to argue that Microsoft has also organized several ambitious actions, such as the “Global Skilling” initiative which has helped improve the technical and digital skills of millions of people affected by the crisis. “In Morocco alone, more than 90,000 learners who have benefited from this online training have already been hired and this number continues to increase every day”. Mr. Yahyahoui further observed that Microsoft has played a leading role in facilitating work and distance learning, stressing that it, as a supplier of digital platforms and state-of-the-art digital tools, has set up a real ecosystem of experts and partners who work together to promote digital inclusion and meet the challenges facing economies wishing to embark on the path of recovery. “We recognize that there are several ways forward to make the future better. This includes ensuring that economic growth becomes inclusive and accessible to all countries, developed or developing, but also to all communities, urban or rural, to all businesses, small or large, etc. Such an approach is placed at the very heart of our mission, which consists in giving each person and each company the means to accomplish more, thanks to technology ”, he explained. He added: “We are also committed to building confidence in technology and in its use, guaranteeing data confidentiality and setting very high standards in terms of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence”. He also pointed out that fostering economic recovery necessarily requires a continued willingness to learn. “By stepping up our efforts and consolidating our commitments, this will further encourage companies to better transform for a better future”. For his part, the education specialist Middle East and Africa (MOA), Emerging countries, Hasnae El Ayoubi El Idrissi, noted that the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training and Higher Education and Scientific Research perfectly announced that Teams is the best platform for teaching and collaboration. In this sense, she underlined that a lot of initiatives have been carried out by Microsoft with the various actors, in particular the Ministry of National Education, through the integration of the Teams tool in “Massar”, thus allowing to any teacher to create his own virtual class and invite his students there, specifying that Morocco is the second country in terms of MEA in terms of use of this tool, since the closure of schools. Microsoft is driving digital transformation in the age of cloud computing and smart technologies. Its mission is to empower every person and business on the planet to do more.(With MAP)