In Algeria, thousands of demonstrators against “the criminalization of politics”

For the 114th Friday of Hirak, thousands of people took to the streets of several Algerian cities as part of their weekly marches to demonstrate against “the criminalization of politics” and demand the departure of the regime. In Algiers, a gigantic crowd poured into the rue Didouche Mourad where the demonstrators sang the usual hirak slogans, namely “For a civil and non-military state”. “The generals, the traitors, we will not stop”, “the terrorist intelligence services, the military mafia will fall”, “throw us all in jail, the people will not stop” and “Down with the regime ”, Cried the thousands of demonstrators who took to the main boulevards of Algiers at the end of the Friday prayers, a traditional landmark of the Algerian Hirak, this peaceful popular movement, which does not lose heart and is not discouraged despite the continuous wave. of arrests and repression and intimidation and maneuvers of the regime in place. These united crowds also chanted slogans calling for the establishment of a rule of law in Algeria and which ceases the imprisonments of peaceful activists, the arbitrary imprisonments of people expressing a simple dissenting opinion with the power in place. In Tizi Ouzou, the mobilization is intact on the occasion of this 114th Friday of the popular uprising. The presence of women was remarkable. Banners and signs in hand, they took the lead, chanting in chorus “y’en fed up with arbitrariness, system clears”. The mobilization is also at the rendezvous in Bejaia where the demonstrators, armed with flags and placards, chanted the usual hirak slogans. “Algeria is calling, its people have responded, go!” Also chanted the crowd calling for the establishment of a transitional government and a constituent assembly. In Bouira also, the demonstrators, waving placards and national and Amazigh flags, chanted slogans hostile to power. In other cities such as Béjaia, Constantine, Annaba, Oran and Sétif, popular marches were organized at the end of the Friday prayers. The Hirak, this large-scale protest movement which ousted Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika from power after 20 years of unchallenged reign, resumed on February 22 after nearly a year of suspension due to the Covid pandemic. 19 which is rampant in Algeria and throughout the world. With MAP