Death in Paris of Abdelwahab Dadi, banker, patron and man of culture

Abdelwahab Dadi, senior executive of the Banque Populaire Group in Paris, has just passed away, leaving his family, friends at the bank and his clients in great pain. Banker, patron, he was also a lover of the arts and cultures. We publish below the testimony of a very close to him who expresses among other things the immense and intense emotion provoked by his disappearance. Likewise, we pay tribute to his wife Hakima Dadi, an example of dedication and courage who, for years, accompanied him in his sufferings, cared for and supported him with all her might. “Dear Si Abdelwahab, You left us on the first holy day of a holy month, at a punctual hour (as you were), that of the exact middle of the day, as if to announce to us the right balance, the perfect score that you played us before you bowed out, peacefully and with the elegance that characterizes you. Great men are so rare. You have been, and will always be, a great man, a lord, a radiant and wonderful person. You have carried so magnificently your roles of man, son, brother, husband, cousin, nephew, uncle, father or even grandpa. Beyond your extraordinary culture, your knowledge, your experience, your eloquence, your charisma, your finesse, your poetry, your artistic virtuosity, your sense of human warmth, your immense generosity, you have transmitted to your family and loved ones values ​​of righteousness, respect, love and courage. Because your courage, supernatural or miraculous, is a lesson in life. You are and will remain a masterful lesson in life. You were so smiley in life. With the fabulous one you led, we can tell the most beautiful stories, write the most beautiful novels, adapt the best cinematographic works. The life you gave to your loved ones was and remains the “house of happiness”, on which a “lucky star” will always be enthroned. You loved people deeply and people loved you sincerely. You have done good, without always realizing it, naturally, from the bottom of your heart, with tact, without counting, with humor and good humor. You distributed the good points or even the military salutes, whereas you are the one who deserves the best honors. Because you were a man of honor. You leave us, leaving behind you a colossal love that will never end. Thank you for everything you have done for us, it is amazing and priceless. May God shelter your beautiful luminous soul forever in his Holy Heaven. We know that you are relieved, appeased, proud and happy, in the company of all the loved ones who have taken the step before you, and that you have seen leave with a deep emotion. You will always be with us, in our heart, in our thoughts, in our actions, in our courage, in our benevolence, in our humor, in our eternity. »To God we are, to Him we return