El FedTV2 seen from another angle: Accuracy and emotion

If in this holy month of Ramadan, 2M is at the top of national TV audiences, El Fed TV 2 is no stranger to it. Broadcast every evening at 8:25 p.m., the humorous program created by Hassan El Fad and directed by Abdelhak Chaabi, has conquered thousands of homes and several hundred thousand Internet users (an average of one and a half million views per episode on YouTube). This picturesque rendezvous produced by Image Factory, resumes successfully in nearly 6.30 minutes, credits included, the recipe for “Chanily TV”. A compilation of the many fictional characters that have shaped the aura and the celebrity of the comedian in the past, embellished with a good dose of Kabour, a character now anchored in Moroccan pop culture. A real humorous fireworks display. But who says fireworks, also says wet firecracker. On closer inspection, the concept is somewhat wobbly or at least unbalanced. Because if the adventures of Kabour and Abu L3inab are worth the detour, it is a little less the case of the news, the game show, or the scenes shot in the cockpit of the plane. But at the same time, Kabour who pays court to Fatiha, played by actress Mounia Lemkimel, will be forever remembered. Especially since the realization magnifies a budding love story with which everyone can easily identify. Sometimes there is no point in making plans on the comet, camera movements at arm’s length and showing off your cinema science just to impress your world. Abdelhak Chaabi understood this well. The one nicknamed “Chacha” in the national cinematographic microcosm is not at his first attempt. Collaborating with Hassan El Fad, he knows that, since he was also the director of El Fed TV’s first opus. Driven by an experience of several decades in scouring film sets, shaping and modeling images there, from advertising spots to sitcoms and other TV series (Sawt Nssa), Abdelhak Chaabi signs one of his more beautiful works, in spite of unfavorable weather conditions and a fortnight of grueling shooting, where he also held the position of cinematographer. An important detail, but one of which a generic after all banal in its conception does not mention. The adventures of Kabour and Fatiha, to speak only of this part of El Fad TV 2, correspond to this television genre which generally describes the small daily problems of characters from the people. Except that in this specific case, the relationship between the two characters has continued to evolve. What’s great is that it was the same with the production. In terms of framing, the more the relationship warmed up between the two characters, the more the director adopted a staging whose goal was to bring them closer to better transpose their emotional states to the screen. At first, Fatiha categorically refused Kabour’s advances. From then on, the technical division was mainly based on field against field, as if to mark the emotional distance between the two. Then, little by little, Kabour captured Fatiha’s heart. Illustration made by the moments of complicity shared from the 12th episode. These moments, the director has enhanced them. How? ‘Or’ What? Quite simply with fewer fields against fields and more frames for two. A way of removing the distance and the emotional embarrassment of the first act, to make way for a love story that was still in its infancy. Without forgetting this desire not to give too much importance to the external environment, since the wide shots are as much as the good deeds of Kabour in the series. Thus, the realization of Abdelhak Chaabi reveals a mechanics grounded and regulated like music paper. Nothing is due to chance. Accuracy and emotion were the key words. Always with this desire to put the story at the center of the sitcom. As evidenced by the very parsimonious use of close-ups. For Chacha, it is obvious that what counts the most, it is not necessarily to put forward the actors but rather their interpretations. Results The freshness and the good dynamism of the series did not fade, even though “L’Couple” had already explored the love life of Kabour. A feat when we know that some series currently broadcast are starting to run out of steam when they have just been released. Hassan bentaleb