Cannabis legalization: How the PJD is holding institutions hostage

Cannabis • For the government, the text must pass before the end of the session. Each delay takes Morocco away from the prospect of profiting from this culture. The PJD is determined to undermine the process of passing the Bill on Legal Uses of Cannabis. On Wednesday, at a meeting of the Interior Committee, the head of the parliamentary group of the Islamist party put forward several conditions for the text to pass. Among other conditions, he demanded the approval of the directorate of drugs and pharmacy and the directorate of epidemiology of the ministry of health. His colleague Al Moqrie Abouzaid demands that the Supreme Council of Ulama be consulted before starting the debate on this text. A few days before the presentation of the bill in committee, the parliamentary group of the Islamist party asked, pell-mell, an opinion from the CNDH, another from the Economic, Social and Environmental Council and a third from the Competition Council. He also submitted a request to the Chamber’s office to set up an information committee for the inhabitants of the provinces concerned by this culture and another information committee on addictology centers. And it is only on the basis of the opinions, reports and studies of all these bodies and bodies that the deputies could finally begin the examination of this text. It is clear that the PJD, party to the hegemonic inclinations that it is, is trying by all means to delay, even sabotage the adoption of this bill because it is not in its interest. But the Minister of the Interior is not of this opinion. Elections or not, the bill must be passed before the end of this term. A technical team who also supported the minister worked on this issue for two years. “They were doing nothing else,” said the minister. As well as everyone’s opinions have been taken into consideration. To delay the adoption of this text for after the elections as the PJD wants would be equivalent to a loss of three years. Until then no one will want Moroccan cannabis any more, even as a drug. Having said that, once again the PJD has come out against everyone, just out of fear that the party will burst if this bill comes into being.