60 years of diplomatic relations between Morocco and Chile: Rich cultural programming in Chilean universities

Several Chilean universities will host a rich cultural program on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Morocco and Chile, announced Ms. Kenza El Ghali, Ambassador of the Kingdom in Santiago. Ms. El Ghali, who was speaking within the framework of an inaugural virtual conference on the theme “Dialogue of civilizations: Culture and tourism in Chile and Morocco”, indicated that the Moroccan embassy has chosen to make 2021 “the year of Morocco in Chile ”, in commemoration of six decades of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. This virtual conference, organized in partnership with the Hassan II University of Casablanca and the Chilean University of Santo Tomas de Santiago, is the first act in the celebration of a rich and intense relationship between two countries. Ms. El Ghali also announced the granting of short-term scholarships (two weeks) to Chilean students to travel to Morocco, in order to better understand the Kingdom, its culture, its civilization and its ancestral traditions. Welcoming this offer from the Moroccan Embassy with enthusiasm, Maria Olivia Recart, Rector of the University of Santo Tomas, noted that despite the geographical distance, Chile and Morocco are close by the values ​​they defend, adding that it is precisely the students and researchers who “bring to life” these bilateral relations and enrich the mutual knowledge between the two peoples.Other speakers followed one another in the virtual forum of this cultural meeting, in particular professors and the Faculty of Letters of the University of Hassan II, who expressed their desire to move forward in cooperation with universities. Chilean and consolidate the exchange of experiences and research in specific fields, such as human development, engineering, and natural resource management. This cooperation will have to be framed by an agreement between Santo Tomas University and Hassan II University, the signing of which is expected in the coming days. Moroccan academics have placed particular emphasis on the research programs carried out by the Department of Hispanic Studies on Chilean and Latin American culture and literature in general, which contributes to the rapprochement with the South American continent and to the deepening of mutual knowledge and the dissemination of the values ​​of humanity and solidarity among students and young people in both countries.The culmination of these celebrations will take place on October 7, the anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Morocco and Chile.