USFP First Secretary meets with PR of China Ambassador to Morocco

The First Secretary of the USFP, Driss Lachguar, received, the day before yesterday (Wednesday, June 2) at the central headquarters of the party, the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China accredited to Rabat, in the presence of members of the Political Bureau and the USFP National Council. The meeting between the two parties focused on the development and strengthening of Moroccan-Chinese relations for the benefit of the two countries, as well as on the consolidation of cooperation between the Chinese Communist Party and the USFP. On this occasion, Driss Lachguar praised the quality of Moroccan-Chinese relations, both politically and economically, as well as those between the Chinese Communist Party and the Rose Party, in particular with regard to the exchange of visits between the two parties, recalling in this context the reports and books written on the Chinese experience concerning global development by a number of Ittihadis militants who visited the People’s Republic of China. The ittihadi leader reviewed the Moroccan experience in development, stressing that the Kingdom is preparing to implement the new development model, the final report of which was recently presented by Chakib Benmoussa, president of the Special Commission on the development model, before HM King Mohammed VI. In addition, Driss Lachguar expressed the firm will of the USFP to strengthen relations between the two parties, while welcoming the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, which will celebrate the centenary of its founding, stressing, to this end, that the USFP will attend this event via videoconference, accepting the invitation sent to it in this context by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Rabat. The First Secretary affirmed that the USFP, whatever its political position in the opposition or within the government, is confident of the sustainability of historical Moroccan-Chinese relations, stressing at the same time that the Rose Party is is inspired by the Chinese communist revolution for the development of the socialist societal project. For his part, the Chinese Ambassador welcomed this meeting with the First Secretary of the USFP, which is part of a program of visits and meetings with the leaders of political parties. He claimed that before being accredited as Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Rabat, he was in Morocco twenty years ago as first secretary at the same embassy, ​​stressing that he is familiar with the Morocco and its development at all levels, political, economic and social. The Chinese Ambassador also reviewed China’s experience in the field of development to achieve social welfare and economic progress for the benefit of Chinese citizens, noting that in a few days, China will celebrate the centenary. of the Chinese revolution. He also stressed the need to strengthen the historic relations between the two countries as well as the two political parties in the service of the vital interests of the Kingdom of Morocco and the People’s Republic of China. HT