Fouzi Lekjaa: The independence of referees, a prerequisite for the development of national football

The independence of the referees and the break with the interference of certain officials and leaders of national clubs in the refereeing constitute fundamental conditions for the development of national football, said the president of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation, Fouzi Lekjaa. “The independence of the referees must become a culture of daily and strategic management of Moroccan football,” said Mr. Lekjaa, who spoke at a press conference, organized by the central arbitration commission at the Mohammed VI football complex. to Maâmora, noting that arbitration errors remain a “normal and ordinary” thing. However, he qualified, errors dictated by bad faith or which are oriented remain dangerous behaviors that undermine national football. “The previous era, marked by the direct interference of the leaders in the decisions of the referees, belongs to a past that has now passed,” he insisted, calling on the various referees, all divisions combined, to show integrity and to apply scrupulously the rules of arbitration. According to the president of the FRMF, the development of the national round ball depends on the application of the laws of the game and the improvement of the performance of the referees and their support, stressing the importance of bringing together the adequate conditions and the material and logistical means. in order to facilitate the task of the referees. “Criticizing the referees is just an alibi put forward by some to justify the poor results recorded,” he said. Mr. Lekjaa pleaded on this occasion for the organization of training sessions for the benefit of referees in VAR matters in addition to the holding of weekly meetings between referees and managers, at the end of each day of the Botola Pro, the objective being to discuss the different decisions made by the referees and avoid making the same mistakes in the future, in addition to providing more detail on the laws relating to VAR technology. The president of the FRMF, however, called for sanctions to be imposed on referees who allegedly made errors that had considerably impacted the results of the matches played. The other interventions focused on the importance of arbitration, the need for this sector to open up to its environment and its contribution to spreading sports and legal awareness among the various stakeholders as well as the imperative to the light on the exceptional cases of arbitration which would have known the various matches. On this occasion, the Central Arbitration Commission presented exhaustive explanations on the arbitration laws and the VAR, in addition to data relating to the performance of the arbitrators. This press conference was held in the presence in particular of the president of the national professional football league, Said Naciri, the president of the national amateur football league, Jamal Snoussi, members of the central arbitration commission, the management national arbitration in addition to former arbitrators and others still in office.