Challenges and foresight

By Hassan Alaoui Covid-19 crisis, intense vaccination campaign, mobilization of various funds to deal with it, success having earned us a host of tributes, social stability, organic continuity at the level of the political and electoral calendar as if nothing was, in fact nolens volens a resilience proclaimed and reinforced as the crisis continues and hope is reborn every day … So Morocco is going, so it continues chugging its way in the midst of pitfalls and plots … The challenges came: the provocation of Spain, which violates the friendship pact with us, betrays its commitments and – renewing itself with Franco’s fascism – declines its neocolonial face. The crisis fomented with the European Union, irrational, the greed of some of its leaders, the triumph of lies and the vanity of virtuous proclamations on democracy and truth. It is with such a bundle of turpitudes that Morocco is now confronted, knowing that the least reflex a little bit lucid among the European leaders has not been expressed. They were led to the amphigouris, and we with them by a Spanish government which has no Socialist but the varnish. A “socialist” government which, for lack of a Lenin, reminds us of Mol Kérensky … In other words, treason, that word so heavy and which sticks to your skin. Like a flock of sheep, de Panurge of course, a large part of the countries of the European Union have supported Spain in the ordeal with Morocco. And, however, the Kingdom of Morocco is as rooted in Europe as a Spain can be, which owes us a lot and from which only some 13 kilometers separate us … → Read also: Covid-19: The gradual relaxation of preventive measures does not does not mean that the virus has disappeared It is an arm of the sea, created as they say, by the whims of a furious Hercules, a geography which is to two countries, even to two continents what a jugular vein is to a same body. Mitterrand said that “it is necessary to give time to time”, to take the real measure of the weight of history and geography to see situations and temporalities reconfigured. This means that beyond the current crisis, and the demonic complicity that underlies it, of the dark forces that sustain it, there is this irreversible future that no one can write or describe. There is, however, a serious contradiction that must be underlined, it is this convergence – transformed into complicity – between two powers that everything opposes: that of the army in an Algeria thrown to the nettles by its own people, like the last legislative elections have just given us proof of this, and that of so-called “democratic” Spain, which certainly revives its Francoist and fascist obsessions. Nothing is less certain than this deceptive appearance that we had nourished until then of a neighborhood, say of a moral pact of friendship between Morocco and Spain and, in the process, between Morocco and the Europe. That said, the immigration issue will never be resolved anytime soon. Today it is the essential characteristic of the evolution of the world, inscribed on the ground of a globalization all the more irreversible as it concerns the entire planet. She is also his Achilles Heel. Immigration from the Middle East, following the 2015 Syrian and Iraqi war that put Turkey to the test, had a tragic outcome. It moved to the Maghreb, with a massive and significant Sub-Saharan contingent. Morocco has become its receptacle, it has not been resolved, constituting, so to speak, “the sword of Damocles” suspended over this southern part of Europe that is Spain. Majorities will soon change, both in Spain, in Germany and even in France and Morocco after credible and fair legislative elections. We must take into account this law of politics and prepare to take up two major challenges: that of the continuity of European policies with regard to Morocco, that of a change, with other teams, the recomposition of the landscape and the arrival of new geopolitical demands. It is an understatement to say that a prospective vision is necessary… It hangs in our face!