Serbia reiterates its support for Morocco's territorial integrity

Morocco and Serbia can establish three-dimensional economic partnerships oriented towards the development of the African continent, underlined, Wednesday in Rabat, the president of the House of Representatives, Habib El Malki. Thanks to their geostrategic position, Morocco and Serbia can build three-dimensional economic partnerships oriented towards the development of the African continent, he said during his talks with the President of the National Assembly of Serbia, Ivica Da i, highlighting the importance of diversifying and developing areas of cooperation between the two countries. On this occasion, Habib El Malki indicated that Morocco, under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, considers South-South cooperation as a strategic choice, according to a statement from the First Chamber. Recalling the cooperation agreement signed in 2018 between the two legislative institutions, he explained that parliamentary diplomacy in the two countries is based on the principles of the United Nations, in particular with regard to “respect for the unity of peoples and unity of states “, noting that Morocco has always been in favor of the territorial integrity of Serbia. He therefore welcomed the position of Serbia in favor of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom. The Speaker of the House of Representatives also noted that the Non-Aligned Movement can still contribute to the strengthening of world peace and security and to the defense of the interests of the countries of the South in a “multipolar world”, proposing the holding of an international parliamentary meeting to examine the prospects for cooperation between the member states of the movement. For his part, the President of the Serbian National Assembly stressed that the parliamentary cooperation between the two institutions is a fundamental pillar for the consolidation of relations between Morocco and Serbia in various fields, welcoming the distinguished long-standing friendship uniting the two countries and peoples. He recalled in this regard that Morocco, under the leadership of the late HM King Hassan II, was one of the founders of the Non-Aligned Movement, whose ceremonies Serbia will host this year to celebrate the 60th anniversary of its creation. , welcoming the important place occupied by the Kingdom on the international scene. “Morocco is an important country, considered a pillar of stability and development in the region,” he said. The President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia also reiterated his country’s support for the Moroccan autonomy plan as a solution to the artificial conflict around the Moroccan Sahara, noting that the territorial integrity of the Kingdom is “a crucial question”. Ivica Da ia also praised Morocco for its good handling of the coronavirus pandemic, noting that Serbia, in turn, was able to provide the necessary vaccines to its citizens and was able to overcome the negative repercussions of the pandemic, adds the press release. He also expressed his satisfaction with the development of relations between the two countries, reviewing the most important areas of cooperation between them, such as tourism, industry, education, training and others, calling for the promotion of trade and economic exchanges in a manner that exploits the opportunities and promising capacities offered by the economies of the two countries. The president of the National Assembly of Serbia, Ivica Da ia, moreover, reiterated, Wednesday in Rabat, the position of his country supporting the territorial integrity of the Kingdom. “Serbia, which refuses the attack on its territorial integrity, also refuses the attack on the territorial integrity of Morocco”, he underlined during his talks with the president of the Chamber of advisers, Hakim Benchamach, noting that this issue cannot be blackmailed. According to a press release from the Second Chamber, the Serbian official also stressed that his country aspires to strengthen its cooperation with Morocco in various fields, particularly economic and commercial, to raise it to the level of the excellent political relations uniting the two countries. He also insisted on the need to further develop relations of friendship and bilateral cooperation with a view to a solid partnership, calling for continued regular coordination and mutual support within regional and international organizations, in the service of interests of both countries. The Serbian official also underlined the importance of raising the bilateral relations to the level of a true partnership, encompassing the political, economic and cultural fields and which will serve the superior interests of the two countries and the two friendly peoples. Ivica Da ia, in this regard, mentioned the promising opportunities that Morocco offers thanks to its geostrategic position, with a view to establishing a mutually beneficial partnership. For his part, Hakim Benchamach said that the convergence of views on the territorial integrity of the two countries will pave the way for the establishment of partnerships in several areas, the strengthening of bilateral cooperation and the exploration of opportunities offered for strengthen economic and cultural ties. He further expressed his gratitude to Serbia for its steadfast position supporting the territorial integrity of the Kingdom and the Moroccan autonomy initiative, it is added.