A showcase of traditional Moroccan haute couture

The 37th edition of the Oriental Fashion Show (OFS) aims to be a showcase of traditional Moroccan haute couture and offers a harmonious marriage between all that is beautiful in the East and the West, underlined, Saturday in Marrakech, the founder of the OFS, Mrs. Hind Joudar. “The vocation of the Oriental Fashion Show is not only to bring together the East and the West through fashion, but also through history, which is at the very heart of the approach of this event which has become international over the years, ”added Ms. Joudar, speaking at a press conference dedicated to the 37th edition of the OFS, held for the fourth year in the Ocher City. Recalling her quest to “find the historic and artisanal gateway between Morocco and the other countries where the Oriental Fashion Show was organized”, Ms. Joudar, did not fail to indicate that the Caftan, the centerpiece of this event and which enjoys the love and consideration of stylists and designers from all over the world, “has been able to acquire its letters of nobility thanks to the fabulous work carried out by artisans in terms of embroidery, finesse, workmanship and choice of fabrics ”. During a press briefing, the stylists taking part in this new edition were presented in particular, the Egyptian Hany El Behairy, the Moroccans Wafa Idrissi, Fadwa Jamai, Nezha Lattaoui and Salma Lazrak in the haute couture category, as well as as the labels Kounouz, Loulou Ben and Merefie Co-founders in the ready-to-wear category. This meeting with the media also served as an opportunity to pay a posthumous tribute to the memory of the late Mohamed Al Sagheer, nicknamed the master hairdresser of Cairo, an important member of the organizational staff of this fashion event, carried away by the Covid -19. In this sense, distinguished guests, like the famous actresses, Laila Eloui and Elham Shahin, took turns accessing the platform, the time to deliver their testimonies around the greatness of this extraordinary man, who has accompanied the SFO since its creation, while also expressing their joy and pride in being in the Kingdom, “a country of beauty and history”. Other guests, such as the actors Mansour Badri and Camélia Rak underlined the importance of the organization of this international event, which highlights Moroccan art in its various facets in particular, all the splendor of the Moroccan caftan. For this particular edition dedicated to the Moroccan tourist and gastronomic heritage, the Oriental Fashion Show has joined forces with the Luxury Life Morocco platform, the leading platform of influence in Morocco dedicated to luxury brands with whom it shares the same values ​​as excellence and perfection. Flagship event of the association “Silk Road and Al Andalus”, whose primary goal is to promote an art of living, a know-how that is part of a universal heritage, the OFS was created by Hind Joudar in 2004, it is recalled. Based in Paris, this event crisscrosses the world and fashion hotspots with high media potential: Paris, London, Doha, Kuwait, Marrakech, Moscow, Istanbul, Almaty (Kazakhstan), Samarkand (Uzbekistan), Istanbul … More than a fashion show, the OFS has over the years become a true artistic platform, a cultural dialogue between East and West. For 15 years, the Oriental Fashion Show has organized large-scale fashion shows in the most beautiful capitals of the world. Considered a leader in oriental fashion and an incubator of talents beyond borders, the OFS has been able to promote, through its numerous productions, more than 100 stylists of 50 different nationalities, among them many Moroccans who have been able to do a name on the global fashion scene.