Habib El Malki: The Royal decision to facilitate the return of MREs to the country, a deeply significant humanitarian gesture

The decision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI to open the borders to members of the Moroccan Community residing abroad (MRE) and to facilitate their return to the country at reasonable prices, is a deeply significant humanitarian gesture, underlined the President of the House of Representatives, Habib El Malki. Speaking at a meeting on Monday of the office of the House of Representatives, the president of the legislative institution, Habib El Malki, highlighted the important event which marked the national scene relating to Moroccans of the world and the deeply significant humanitarian decision taken by His Majesty the King to open the borders to members of the Moroccan Community residing abroad to address His high instructions to the competent authorities in the field of transport in order to facilitate their return to their homeland. at reasonable prices, and also to ensure their reception in comfortable conditions. This decision, notes Mr. El Malki, was received with great consideration and pride by members of the Moroccan community and their families, said a statement from the House of Representatives issued at the end of this meeting. The President of the House of Representatives, as well as the members of the office took this opportunity to reiterate their pride in the high patriotic feelings of Moroccans around the world, their patriotism and their attachment to the territorial integrity of the country and to the constants of the Nation. These sentiments have been expressed by Moroccans around the world on numerous occasions, through which they have shown their attachment to their homeland and their mobilization in defense of its legitimate causes. The Bureau of the House of Representatives examined during this meeting other points relating to the work of parliamentary and legislative control as well as to the work program of the House. Regarding the control action, the office of the House of Representatives set the agenda for the plenary session of oral questions on Monday, June 28 and included social and infrastructure issues, the statement added. . Regarding the presentation of the progress report of government action, in accordance with the provisions of Article 101 of the Constitution, the office decided to hold two plenary sessions on this subject: the first on Tuesday, July 6 at 10:00 a.m., during of which the Head of Government will present the progress report, while the second scheduled for Tuesday, July 13, it will be devoted to discussion. With regard to legislative action, the Bureau of the House decided to hold a plenary session yesterday devoted to the examination and vote of the draft law relating to microfinance; bill enacting special measures relating to the direct marketing of fruit and vegetables within the framework of agricultural aggregation; draft law relating to arbitration and conventional mediation and a draft law relating to private nurseries and other finalized texts. In addition, the office was informed and submitted to the Committee for the Interior, Territorial Collectivities, Housing and City Policy, Bill No. 57.19 relating to the regime of real estate of communities. territorial. Regarding the work of the committee responsible for petitions and motions in legislative matters, the office indicates that it has been informed of the action report of the said committee, as well as the results of its work concerning the modification of the two proposals for organic law relating to petitions and motions. This is an amendment which deals with fundamental provisions aimed at relaxing the conditions required for the tabling of petitions and motions, in addition to the addition of new provisions which find their essence in the experience that the House has accumulated in the past. internal level and through comparative experiences. The Bureau of the House also reviewed the pace of work of the standing committees and the progress of their work, and decided to schedule a second legislative session on Monday, June 28 for the examination and vote of finalized projects and proposals. .
Strengthening of communication with MRE The delegate ministry in charge of Moroccans living abroad (MRE) announced on Monday the strengthening of its communication at the central and territorial level in order to offer orientation and administrative support to Moroccans around the world more at the launch of the “Marhaba 2021” operation, especially since several administrations and national institutions are experiencing a significant influx of members of the community. To this end, the delegated ministry provides telephone numbers and additional e-mails at the central level in order to receive the various questions, requests and complaints from Moroccans living abroad throughout the week (+212665656993, + 212661883406, +212682961938, +212767852305, moroccoproject@mcmre.gov.ma). At the same time, the delegated ministry mobilized its decentralized services. These are the Houses of Moroccans of the World and Migration Affairs in Béni Mellal, Tiznit, Nador and Khouribga, where the ministry has made available to MREs additional telephone numbers and e-mail addresses to answer their questions and receive their various requests as well as their complaints, adds the press release. – Béni Mellal: +212610093028, +212661315237, +212761512033, maisonmre.benimellal@yahoo.fr – Nador: +212661823897, +212661855713, +212661643935, maisonmre@gmail.com -Tiznit: +212662179211, +212528860475, maisonmre.tiznit @ mcmre.gov.ma -Khouribga: +212667746339, +212687616427, +212641821076, maison.khouribga@mcmre.gov.ma Examination of the progress report of the government action Joint session of the two Chambers of Parliament on July 6 and plenary session in the Chamber of Councilors on the 14 of the same month The Chamber of Councilors will hold a plenary session on July 14 (at 11:00 a.m.) devoted to the examination of the presentation by the head of government on the progress report of government action. The office of the Chamber of Advisors, which held a meeting on Monday under the chairmanship of Hakim Benchamach, president of this institution, said in a statement to have discussed the preparations for the plenary session which will be devoted to the review of the balance sheet. stage of government action which will be presented by the head of government during a joint session of the two Chambers of Parliament on July 6 (11:00 a.m.), in accordance with the provisions of article 101 of the Constitution. Regarding the control of government action, the Bureau of the Chamber inquired about the preparations for the monthly session of general policy questions addressed to the head of government, which should address the reception and support of Moroccans residing in abroad (MRE) during the exceptional circumstances induced by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Bureau of the House has also decided to submit to the competent standing committees four legislative texts from the House of Representatives, adds the same source. The office also decided to hold Tuesday at the end of the session devoted to the general policy of a plenary session for the examination and the vote of finalized legislative texts. On another note, the Bureau took note of the decision of the Constitutional Court N ° 122/21 dated June 15, 2021 by which it declared the vacancy of the seat occupied by Rajae El Bekkali Tahiri within the Chamber under the electoral college of representatives of municipal, prefectural and provincial councils of the Tangier-Tétouan-Al Hoceima region. With regard to external relations, the working visit of members of the Morocco-European Union parliamentary committee to the European Parliament was approved as part of the preparations for the next events. The office also welcomed the proposal of the Embassy of the Kingdom in Poland to organize, in the coming months, a visit to Morocco by members of the Polish parliament, as part of the strengthening of bilateral parliamentary cooperation and with a view to inform the Polish side of the development projects facing the Kingdom, the statement concludes. Your opinion interests us. However, Libé will refuse to broadcast any form of hateful, defamatory, slanderous or harmful message to honor and privacy. Any racist or xenophobic remarks, threats, insults or other incitement to violence will be immediately excluded from our site. In all circumstances, we recommend respect and courtesy. Thank you.