Arab Parliament reiterates its support for Morocco

The Arab Parliament will hold, next Saturday in Cairo, an emergency meeting which will be devoted to the examination of the last resolution of the European Parliament concerning Morocco, and which included baseless accusations concerning the policy of the Kingdom in the field of the ‘immigration. The president of the Arab Parliament, Adel Al-Asoumi, underlined, Tuesday in a statement to the press, on the sidelines of the preparatory meetings of the sixth plenary session of the Arab Parliament which will be held next Saturday at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Arab League, that this emergency meeting be held “as a sign of solidarity and support for the Kingdom of Morocco, in the face of this crisis in which the European Parliament has intervened without any justification”. He added that the Arab Parliament called on his European counterpart, before the adoption of this resolution, not to interfere in this crisis which should be resolved in a bilateral framework between the Kingdom of Morocco and Spain, noting that faced with “the European Parliament’s insistence to move forward in its provocative positions on Arab issues, and its adoption of this resolution, which is totally rejected, a serious Arab position must be adopted during this session which will be devoted to examining all aspects of this question ”. According to the agenda of the preparatory meetings, the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Politics and National Security will discuss the political and security situation in the Arab world and the latest developments in joint Arab action, as well as the observations of the councils. and parliaments on the draft law on the protection and promotion of cybersecurity in Arab countries. For its part, the Committee on Economic and Financial Affairs will examine the implementation of the committee’s recommendations at its previous meeting, before examining the report on the economic situation in the Arab world for the year 2020. The Committee on Social, Educational, Cultural, Women and Youth Affairs will examine the measures taken to implement the recommendations adopted at the previous meeting before approving the report on the social situation in the Arab world for the year 2020. Brief Consultations The Special Commission on the Development Model (CSMD) held a consultation meeting on Wednesday in Rabat with representatives of central trade unions with a view to setting up a common platform dedicated to the National Development Pact, one of the two mechanisms for the implementation of the New Development Model (NMD). This meeting, the second of its kind, between the president of the CSMD, Chakib Benmoussa, and union representatives, is part of the pursuit of the public debate on the conclusions and recommendations of the general report on the NMD with the different actors and driving forces of the country, with the aim of achieving a common vision on the National Development Pact and discussing its major axes. Professional aptitude 7,393 candidates have passed the professional aptitude exams in the national education sector for the year 2020, a statement from the supervisory ministry said on Wednesday evening. The successful candidates are divided between the teaching body (5,939), the administrative, pedagogical and social support body (124), the educational orientation and planning body (17), the management body and of material and financial control (33) and the common frameworks (1,280), added the same source, noting that these tests engaged 43,280 contenders. The results can be consulted on the official portal of the ministry, as well as at the regional academies of education and training and the provincial directorates, it was pointed out.