Pharmaceutical policy: Towards strengthening local production

The means of strengthening the local production of drugs, the establishment of a national preference for drugs and medical devices produced in Morocco and the preservation and improvement of drug procurement procedures for the public sector in terms of management and independence were examined, Friday in Rabat, during a panel held as part of the workshops on the development of the National Pharmaceutical Policy (PPN) 2021-2025. On this occasion, the participants emphasized the need to guarantee an adequate supply of drugs in the public and private sectors, to consider the establishment of a monitoring observatory in this area and to secure vital products. as well as those intended for immunization and family planning. The holding of these workshops on the development of the National Pharmaceutical Policy is part of the execution of the partnership between the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO), with a view to implementation of the project relating to the generalization of social coverage and the acceleration of the activation of compulsory health insurance. This event also occurs following the announcement of the official launch of the work plan for the renewal of the National Pharmaceutical Policy for the period 2021-2025, in application of the High Royal Instructions. In a statement to MAP, the President of the professional group of pharmaceutical distribution in Morocco and president of the African Association of Pharmaceutical Distributors, Lahcen Senhaji, indicated that the objective of this meeting is to adopt a new approach allowing to involve all executives, actors and stakeholders in the pharmaceutical field. He added that during this workshop, the evaluation of the previous national pharmaceutical policy (NPP) and preparations for the development of the new PPN 2021-2025 was carried out, stressing that this policy is in line with in the context of the epidemiological crisis of Covid-19, during which Morocco distinguished itself in the management of the pandemic and established itself as a model to follow in the generalization of vaccination. For his part, the director of supply at the Ministry of Health, Ahdi Mahjoub, indicated that the main objective of the organization of this workshop lies in the evaluation of the pharmaceutical policy in Morocco and the development of a new strategy in this area, which will take into account several considerations, especially in the context of the spread of the coronavirus, noting that several elements and programs related to health in Morocco have been revised. This meeting aims to discuss the development of a new pharmaceutical policy, the promotion of the health system within the framework of regionalization and the involvement of all actors and professionals in this field, he explained. , noting that the work was spread over several axes, including “financing”, “the quality of drugs” and “the legal aspect of pharmaceutical policy in Morocco”. “Addressing these subjects would contribute to the development of a pharmaceutical policy in Morocco in accordance with WHO recommendations,” said Mr. Mahjoub. The agenda of this meeting included the presentation of the results of the national survey conducted among all players in the pharmaceutical sector, in order to assess the previous national pharmaceutical policy 2015-2020 and to collegially study all the proposals, in more to expose the strategic axes which will be the pillars of the new PPN 2021-2025. Professionals from the health sector, ministerial departments, concerned public institutions, international organizations, socio-economic partners and national and international experts and researchers participated in these workshops. According to the organizers, a series of workshops on various aspects of the National Pharmaceutical Policy will be organized soon, with the aim of encompassing all possible aspects for the success of this national project in order to meet current and future aspirations and challenges. With MAP