The murals of the Moussem d'Asilah bring the city of arts back to life

After long and endless months of closure, following the Covid19 pandemic, the alleys of the city of the arts seem to be slowly resuming a taste for life. Drawing on the soul of the city and its tireless creative perseverance, the foundation of the Assilah Forum is offering this year a menu that is both eclectic and accessible, painting an artistic landscape enhanced by sublime murals. They are ten Moroccan artists and a Bahraini plastic artist who have taken over the white walls of the old medina. They create murals over which, colors, shapes and symbols bloom, giving Assilah its charm and highlighting its town planning and artistic essence. At the microphone of the M24 news channel of the MAP, the visual artist Hakim Ghilan, indicates that the 42nd edition of the Assilah Moussem began with the painting of the murals, which knows the participation of 11 artists from schools and various currents. The foundation of the Assilah Forum, organizer of the event, left the artists free to choose the themes, he notes, noting that “ the murals reflect this creative inspiration that the city of Assilah exerts on plastic surgeons. A freedom that crosses the colors, shapes and symbols that furnish the frescoes projects, which have the power to magnetize residents and summer visitors to the city. From Tangier, the promising visual artist Mohamed Dabdoubi is participating for the first time in the Assilah Cultural Moussem. He is keen to seize the opportunity to return to life after the sad pandemic period, to bring his touch of cheerfulness to the streets of the city. The artist does not hide his voice and expresses the wish to see these events organized in different Moroccan cities. Taoufiq Chichani, an experienced artist from Casablanca, believes that painting murals in Assilah has a particular taste, because the population is used to plastic art, whether figurative or abstract, thanks to the efforts of the foundation of the Forum. of Assilah. The artist, who has murals in Casablanca, Rabat, Agadir, Khouribga and abroad to his credit, works on a fresco with a dark background that he furnishes with white lines, signs and figures. , reflecting faces with different expressions. This facial theme can also be found on the fresco by the young artist Jihane Lamas, who has chosen to draw in the colors of life and hope, in different degrees of green. Lamiae Baloul, the visual artist from Casablanca, is in heaven, and she lets it be known. She is participating for the first time in this event. “The frescoes have resuscitated the joy of the meeting between artists and revived the city of the arts, thanks to this avalanche of colors and shapes”. Her fresco, for which she called on a swarm of volunteers, breathes life. By drawing a city teeming with activities, she seems to launch a wish-invitation to let yourself be embalmed by the sweetness of art. Plastic artist Saoussan Melehi works on recycling paper and wool. She uses the technique of assemblage to create two murals giving pride of place to yellow to crimson. Assilah’s murals are also an open-air art school, in which city children participate to lend a hand to artists. A way, according to the foundation of the Assilah Forum, to sow the seeds of art in the minds of young people and put them on the path of refined taste and beauty. The wall of the Sidi Mohamed Ali Marzouk school was thus dedicated to them to create a series of frescoes reflecting their own vision of the city of the arts. In Assilah, art is everywhere. In addition to the murals, a vernissage of the exhibition “young people of Assilah” of visual artists and photographers has just taken place at the Maison de la Culture. In addition, workshops in plastic art and sculpture, supervised by Moroccan and Bahraini artists, and another dedicated to children will begin at the end of the week. By Hicham Moussaoui