Local vaccine production: A proactive and united Royal approach

The manufacture of vaccines in Morocco confirms the Royal proactive and united approach that marked the management of the pandemic and its repercussions, said doctor and researcher in health policies and systems, Tayeb Hamdi. The signing with the Sinopharm group of agreements relating to the project to manufacture and syringe in Morocco the anti-Covid19 vaccine and other vaccines comes as an extension of the proactive and united management under Royal supervision of the repercussions of the pandemic, noted Mr. Hamdi. In an article in reaction to the ceremony for the launch and signing of conventions relating to the project of manufacturing and syringing in Morocco the anti-Covid19 vaccine and other vaccines, chaired Monday in Fez, by HM King Mohammed VI, the researcher noted that this project is also taking place following the telephone interview last August between HM the King and the Chinese President which was the opportunity to discuss the partnership between the two countries in the fight against the new coronavirus. In this regard, the Sinopharm group has successfully conducted clinical trials of the anti-Covid vaccine in Morocco, as well as supplying the Kingdom with vaccines on a regular basis, in addition to ensuring the transfer of technologies for the manufacture of vaccines. , he recalled. All this was done within the framework of a proactive approach and of decisions taken by the Sovereign and which allowed Morocco to avoid the worst scenarios, argued the researcher. He also highlighted the meanings of the Royal initiative aimed at making the Kingdom a manufacturing platform for the anti-Covid vaccine and other vaccines, evoking the emergence in the post-Covid world of the concepts of self-sufficiency and sovereignty and national security. → Read also: Covid-19: The bar of 20 million doses soon crossed He also affirmed that the pharmaceutical industry is developed in Morocco and occupies the second place at the African level, indicating that the Kingdom produces between 60 and 70 pc of its needs and exports 10 pc of its production to the African continent, the Arab world, Asia and Europe. Morocco has now moved to the stage of producing vital medicines including vaccines and other biological medicines, thus allowing the pharmaceutical industry to develop in order to guarantee the health security and sovereignty of the country, noted the Minister. searcher. The manufacture of vaccines and biotechnology in general require significant technical, technological and human skills, as well as great experience and expertise, Hamdi said, while stressing the importance of quality. The time reserved for the quality control of vaccine manufacturing represents 70 pc of the production time, he explained, noting that in addition to its experience in the field of the pharmaceutical industry, Morocco has the infrastructure and expertise. human beings to move on to the manufacture of vaccines and life-saving drugs. Mr. Hamdi also indicated that the manufacture of vaccines requires large investments and large markets, noting that it is for this reason that many countries do not opt ​​for this industry, given the size of the national markets, but with the pandemic, sovereignty has become the priority “and this is what Morocco immediately seized”. Morocco’s relations with the African continent, its geostrategic position and its central role on the continental, regional and Mediterranean levels as a link between the north and the south are all factors that allow the Kingdom to opt for these projects, he argued, also highlighting the solidarity approach with Africa and the national solidarity dimension through the creation of the Covid 19 management fund and free vaccines. This project will also ensure its self-sufficiency in vaccines and help provide Africa with its needs, which will ensure a certain equity in vaccines, he continued. After recalling that Africa, which comprises 17 pc of the world population, has received only 2 pc of anti-Covid vaccines, half of which was intended for Morocco, the researcher estimated that the manufacture of the vaccine in the Kingdom is to even to supply the continent and face some injustice in that part of the world. The scarcity of vaccines and the monopoly by rich countries of their manufacture at the global level contribute to the spread of the virus in several countries and the appearance of new more virulent variants, thus delaying herd immunity, he said. , noting that initiatives such as those taken by Morocco will accelerate the manufacture and distribution of vaccines. The production of the anti-Covid vaccines will be beneficial for Morocco as well as for Africa and the whole world, he added, noting that vulnerable categories will need for several years to do a booster of the vaccine. The world has known for three decades the appearance of an epidemic every three to four years, some of which are under control and others turn into a pandemic, he said. The Moroccan initiative will make it possible to better prepare for health crises and to contribute to the international effort to fight against epidemics, said Mr. Hamdi, arguing that this proactive approach and the generalization of social protection launched by HM the King , rightly come to respond to the lessons learned from this pandemic. (With MAP)