El Otmani calls on young people to strongly support political action

The Secretary General of the Justice and Development Party (PJD), Mr. Saad Dine El Otmani, on Monday evening called on young people to strongly support political action since this social category represents the pillar of nation and its future for the achievement of the expected development. Mr. El Otmani, who spoke at a distance during the opening ceremony of the 17th National Youth Meeting of the PJD, organized in Marrakech until July 30, noted that “the adhesion of young people to the action policy is such as to enrich and strengthen the democratic practice which enables our country to walk steadily towards success ”. The practice of political action with perseverance, while arming itself with vigilance and noble values, is likely to make reform a reality far from any intellectual elitism or dreams that are difficult to implement, he insisted. . Regarding the disaffection of citizens for politics, Mr. El Otmani explained that this is attributed to a lack of confidence of the citizen towards the political actor and his dissatisfaction with certain behaviors, calling on the members of the parties and politicians in general to appropriate a set of values ​​and principles likely to restore citizens’ confidence in political action. → Read also: The electoral program of the PJD devotes the reforms to which the party has adhered In this context, Mr. El Otmani called on the youth and the Chabiba of the PJD to appropriate these principles and values ​​and take advantage of this opening up of the field national policy to hoist political action and move towards the consecration of a model of the Morocco of tomorrow led by its young people. For his part, the National Youth Secretary of the PJD, Mr. Mohamed Amekraz, noted that democratic construction currently requires renewing the political elites and facing the problem of the disaffection of youth for political action. , emphasizing the need to organize campaigns in this direction to encourage young people to join the policy. In this context, he underlined that the PJD has chosen to continue the reform and the achievement of development, considering that the record of the current government is “satisfactory” at several levels and in the various political, economic and social fields. In this wake, he emphasized the importance of the dimension of training and supervision of the youth of the PJD in order to achieve the expected reform and political awareness of the affairs of society and to improve political action through “sound democratic practice”. In addition, Mr. Amekraz indicated that Morocco has succeeded in strengthening its positioning and its influence at the international level, noting that this new situation did not please the enemies, who carried out malicious campaigns to undermine this influence. Placed under the theme “A permanent democratic activism to pursue reform and achieve development”, the 17th National Youth Meeting of the PJD is an opportunity to communicate with the youth of the party in the Marrakech-Safi region on the results of the government action and set out the party’s program for the upcoming elections. With Map